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Hello, we're Suze and Ev. Starting a cleaning business is lucrative and rewarding. As the boss, you define your financial goals and set the schedule. You are in control!

It's a field of unlimited opportunity. The work is simple, and you can enjoy your work day knowing you are providing a service that is always in demand and pays well.

Are you looking for a business to start that is:

  • Recession proof?
  • Fast to start?
  • Easy to learn?
  • Always in demand?
  • High-paying?

Are you looking for expert help to show you how to start a cleaning business of your own? Then look no further. We're here to guide you.

Who are Suze & Ev?

We operated our own successful cleaning business for more than 10 years and we have been consulting start-ups since 2004. Learn how we can help you. 

Meet Suze & Ev

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How we can help

We have developed a cleaning business start-up system that gets you up and running fast. Be your own boss and make an excellent living! Learn more

I just wanted to thank you for your system. I purchased it about a year ago and now have a team of 8 working with me, have hired a manager and have stopped working. I'm ready to hire more staff to keep up with demand.

Vanessa MacLellan

What business services do we offer?

The DIY Method

Are you a natural self starter? Check out our DIY Method and learn how to start your cleaning business. You will receive all four cleaning business methods, including house, office, window and carpet cleaning. You also receive the green cleaning-techniques method, Ev's advice blog, and all the forms and contracts necessary to launch. 

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Start Up Now System

After the DIY Method, this is the next level up. The Start Up Now System is an interactive, internet portal with direct access to specialized high-tech tools, an enormous knowledge-base and one-on-one mentoring with Suze & Ev. 

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Cleaning Up Club  

The most advanced and complete business system ever developed for starting a cleaning business! You can focus on any or all of the cleaning business niches. Receive direct coaching with Ev whenever you need it! 

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Grow your cleaning business

The Grow Club

Do you already own and operate a cleaning business? Are you looking for a system to help it grow? We have designed the perfect system specifically for you. You will get a pro-quality business website, press release, advertising tools, and step-by-step instructions to show you how to grow your business while reducing stress and increasing your income potential. 

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No payment for 6 months

with Bill Me Later program!

I am impressed with what is included in the method, it is above and beyond what I expected. And I've been amazed at the top quality customer service from Ev and Suze. My highest recommendations.

Thank You, John

What are the Benefits of a Cleaning Business?

To get an idea if this profession is for you, please read about the benefits of starting your own service.

Big demand, real job security.

The new American economy forces most upper-class citizens to outsource their domestic and business services. These services are booming, and running a residential cleaning business can be one of the most lucrative. People are short on time and energy. It just doesn't make sense for them to spend time scrubbing and dusting, but the cleaning must get done! That is why experts say this is truly a recession-proof business.

Start within two weeks.

You can start a service very quickly. Apply the right method, and you will be receiving calls within days. You will be giving estimates within a week. By the second week, you can have jobs. And within a few months, you will have a full-force cleaning company. Land the right clients and get the pay you want.

Start your own cleaning service.

Unlimited income potential.

This business is scalable. Stay small, or grow it as big as you desire. The income potential is unlimited, but so is the freedom to structure the business so it works best for your lifestyle. Even a small-time, solo cleaner can earn far more with a cleaning service than most skilled-laborers earn.

Start on a shoestring budget.

You can start a cleaning service with very little upfront money. This is one of the few start-ups where a bank loan is not necessary. Entrepreneur Magazine calls it one of the best businesses to start. Believe it or not, you can even get up and running without owning a vacuum or a car...we did!

Be your own boss.

Ever walked into a business and thought to yourself, “I could do this better.” What's stopping you? Nothing compares to the pride and excitement of running your own cleaning business. Gain the freedom to make your own creative decisions, to pursue your own ideas. Call the shots, be in charge. This is what owning a business is all about.

Set your own hours.

Work smarter, not harder. Tap into your natural sense of leadership. When people are empowered to take charge of their own schedule, they enjoy their work more. Instead of viewing work as a burden, it is embraced it as a meaningful part of life.

how to start a cleaning business

Get paid everyday.

No waiting two weeks (or even longer) for payday. Set up your business so hundreds of dollars roll into your account each day. Take charge of your finances. Reduce stress, pay your bills on time. Your personal accounting system will operate more efficiently, and be a whole lot more enjoyable.

Hey Ev, I've been reading through all of your information. I can tell that you and Suze have put a lot of years into the industry. It show's with the quality of material that you produce.

Chris Husky

Cleaning is simple work, not complicated.

Anyone willing to work can start a cleaning business. There is no steep learning curve, and struggling to stay on top of technological gadgets is not required. Some enjoy technical work. But in this business it is perfectly acceptable to leave high-tech activities to those who enjoy them.

A cleaning business is not very stressful.

This may be one of the best aspects of operating a professional cleaning service. Ordinary jobs can be emotionally draining. When work is piled on, it is frustrating and stressful. You feel you can never get ahead. In contrast, professional cleaning is relaxed (even calming) and the routine is simple and consistent. If you take on extra work, you will make extra pay.

Choose who you work with.

You know that one person who thrives on creating misery and melodrama everywhere they work? If you discover that doing a particular cleaning job (or working for a certain client) is more trouble than it's worth, it is easy to replace that job with a new one. Never again feel trapped in an undesirable situation.

Start a commercial cleaning service

Work close to home.

No long commute to work. Plenty of work exists near you. With some foresight and planning, you can arrange to work close to home. This helps reduce expenses, such as the cost of gas and vehicle maintenance. Organize your cleaning business so your commuting costs stay low.

Additional cleaning services.

Offer additional or specialized services with your business to maximize profits. For example, you might add venetian blind-cleaning, carpet cleaning, green cleaning, office cleaning, window cleaning, construction clean-up, and pressure washing. The rule of thumb is: If something exists, chances are it will need cleaning on a regular basis. Offer combined service, such as house cleaning with office cleaning, or window cleaning with carpet cleaning. You might even choose to offer all four.


You have always been so helpful and I want you to know how much I appreciate this from you and Suze. I just went to my web page and I almost cried, Thank you again on your end for doing such a great job on my web site.


The 5 main cleaning business niches are:

  1. House cleaning
  2. Office cleaning
  3. Window cleaning
  4. Carpet cleaning
  5. Green cleaning

Other niches include:

  • Move-in/move-out
  • Pressure washing
  • Construction cleanup
  • Blind cleaning
  • Foreclosure cleaning

Large-scale commercial cleaning operations and janitorial services are also common. All of the above services and business models are covered in each of our systems.

I want to commend you and Suze on how well written the residential cleaning service method is! It's a joy to read something that is so thoughtfully written. Thank you and I hope you have a great week! I am looking forward to reading more and getting started on this exciting new opportunity and direction in my life.

Best regards - Laurie

We sincerely hope to help you realize your professional goals. We created these services to help people like you start your own cleaning business. Take control of your life and learn how to clean up big profits with your own cleaning service.

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