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Window cleaning business equipment

One of the most important window washing business piece of equipment is the pole. The pole like the traditional cleaning ladders gets the cleaning apparatus up to the glass. Yet if you want your own window cleaning business to be a successful one, it is essential to have all the right window washing equipment and to use it properly.

Having the best quality tools is an investment as this will help you do the best job. The bucket should be in your list. You can always choose an ordinary bucket, but we recommend a bucket that has been designed for professional cleaners. This will have a bar where you can rest your squeegee, this will help you to be more comfortable with your work.

Scrubbers are also a must-have. There are two types of scrubbers available in the market, the porcupine and the lamb-wool applicator like scrubber. The porcupine scrubber works best in cleaning areas with water soluble deposits. It has medium length synthetic hair. On the other hand you will observe that the latter is the most sought after tool in your list. This is because of its unique tool ability to absorb large amounts of water.

Squeegees are very important cleaning tools. It is the most widely used tool. Latest models of squeegees has replaceable rubber blades that slides into a brass channel. Window squeegees are twice as strong as and 10% lighter than brass squeegees. It is used to remove the water from a glass surface smoothly and scratch free. A soapy solution acts as a lubricant to and breaks up dirt leaving no streaks of it, thus they are made in various shapes and sizes for household use including the cleaning of shower doors, bathroom tiles, garage doors, and window panes.

Window cleaning cloths are used to wipe off stubborn residue that is left in the surface of any glass surface. Some surface can’t be wiped out with squeegee because of its shape and flexibility. That is why cloths are always needed to finish off the task. Micro fiber cloths are made perfectly with fine fibers that are super absorbent. This can be used when the member of the household is allergic to cleaning solvents. Micro fiber cloths can clean panes and other areas without the use of chemical and other solvents. It works best by adding hot water and it can almost clean every surface. This can save a lot of money.

The cleaning solution must not be so strong since windows are prone to dust and water marks from the rain. You can even create your own mix that is made from water, dish detergent and ammonia. Most often window cleaning solution is placed in a spray bottle for a more convenient cleaning.

Using the right cleaning equipment when cleaning windows is an essential way to be effective in cleaning. Using the wrong cleaning tools can leave streaks, making it seem like it is still dirty. When cleaning windows the most used cleaning tools are squeegees, window scrubbers, sponge, pole, towels and windows cleaning solution.

You can always purchase your list of window cleaning materials from a manufacturer. It is best to purchase from them since they specializes in cleaning materials that will make your task more efficient. they say that window cleaning takes a lot of hard work and patience--well, it does!

As you can see you need good judgement and the right implementation of optimal strategies and tools if you want to be successful in the window cleaning business.

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