Window cleaning business methods

Try these window cleaning business methods.

The window cleaning business methods you use will determine the level of success of your new business startup. Do your best to choose sound methods that are proven and well-established. With the right business methods, as well as developing outstanding cleaning techniques and on-the-job performance, you can expect your window washing company to develop into a healthy, functioning and profitable enterprise.

Window cleaning techniques

The window washing techniques you employ for your window cleaning company will dramatically impact the success of your business. This particular work can be as much like a performance as it is a cleaning job, because your work is often done in public view. It differs from other cleaning business niches in this way.

Invest the time needed to learn these techniques by watching videos or by finding a mentor in the business who will let you tag along for a few days to observe. But most importantly, practice, practice, practice, until you get several window-cleaning techniques down. Then, give your company an edge by learning how to clean quickly. In this business, time is of the essence.

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How fast can you clean glass perfectly?

Anyone can clean a window. True, but not everyone can clean a window fast and perfectly. Professionals learn how to clean any window, at any height, leaving absolutely no streaks or filmy residue. And they do it at lightening speed. How quickly you clean windows will determine the profit margin. One of the great things about a window cleaning business is that no one wants you to take longer to complete your tasks.

With housecleaning, on the other hand, clients report that they are skeptical of a cleaning person who works very quickly. They feel they are getting cheated, even if the job is done efficiently and thoroughly. However, as window cleaners are often in the position to be looking through windows at their clients, the tendency is for the client to want the window cleaner to move along as quickly as possible. They do not perceive quickness as a cue that the cleaner is doing a less-than-thorough job. They want the job done well and fast.

Business methods

Having a professional approach and being successful in the window-washing business requires that you adopt a set of business methods specifically geared towards this niche service sector. It is not prudent to assume that a general business approach will be a good functional fit for this particular service.

There is good potential for you to earn dividends for the life of your window-cleaning business, if care is taken to apply proper and established business methods that have proved their worth.

What are some of the systems that require proven business methods? To name a few:

  • Accounting
  • Scheduling
  • Logistics
  • Equipment procuring
  • Payroll (if applicable)
  • Taxes

Marketing your window washing business

When it comes to marketing your window cleaning business, consider how you will generate cash in the first stage of business as well as further down the road. It is important to take a short, targeted approach as well as a long, broad approach to generating interest from potential clients.

In the short term, your aim is to bring in cash flow quickly. In the long term your goal is to fill up a pipeline of interested customers that will keep your business working for the long haul. Short-term methods include direct marketing tactics, while long term includes elements such as maintaining a professional cleaning business website, social media networking, ad campaigns, and the regular submission of articles for publication, in print as well as online.


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