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Window cleaning business planning

Most people see the window cleaning business as a very tough and expensive business to start up. An ordinary onlooker may view those windows on the top floor of the building as very difficult to clean and reach. But, right planning will always ensure the safety of your workers and as well as offering superior cleaning at a nice profit.

Failing to make the required planning on each task with your window cleaning business will result in inefficiency and more expenses. It will result in spending more money on the completion of unplanned services, this will translate into more charges to your clientele.

For example, this happens when you make a poor judgement on the right cleaning device to use for the job at hand. Where the windows on a certain floor on the building can be cleaned using a water-fed pole instead of using a boom lift that you have rented. Boom lifts rental are very expensive ranging from a $300 to a whooping $2000 per day. On large scale jobs there is little room for error. Each job needs careful planning in order to implement right and wise choices.

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If you rent a boom lift that is not appropriate for a particular height of a building, then you will be wasting money. If you rented one with higher extensions for a small building then you wasted money. You can even use ladders in many situations and conventional poles to aid you with your cleaning job as an alternative to expensive booms. Though there are accident risks with ladders since they could easily topple over. But you can prevent this from happening by choosing the conditions to use them, like on a day where there are no strong winds or a certain time of the day where there are no passing people during rush hour and with proper safety precautions all will be fine. Water-fed pole system can also help you clean windows effectively. It is a lot safer and more convenient than ladders. But caution should still be practiced because it can also topple during windy days. Although poles are easily managed, It requires certain physical fitness and training to be safe and effective.

One of the hardest thing to do for a window cleaning service is to know what to charge for the service. You must always bear in mind that this is a business and your earnings goes to the cost of running a business as well as maintenance. Research would be the best initial step to do. Try to ask about how are you gong to price services. You can always look up other successful window cleaning businesses and get quotes to get an idea. You will learn a lot from them. You can also view and compare the cost of window cleaning service in your neighborhood. In this way you will know what price range you will start with.

Planning is so important with your window cleaning service. You will save a lot of back aches, unnecessary expenses and wasted time if you have a prepared plan for each client. Planning should always go hand in hand with each task. One of the essential steps to become a successful cleaning entrepreneur is to know the ways of creative planning. Without planning you won’t be giving great quality services to your clients at a profit.

Evaluating your cleaning methods and techniques on a daily basis will result in great value for your cleaning business. You will gain consistency, competency, and efficiency through out your dealings with experience and practice. Planning is paramount both when starting up your window washing service and choosing window cleaning equipment for the job.

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