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Business Plan

Planning your window cleaning business

Any business should have a clear business plan, and a window cleaning service startup is no different. Use your window cleaning business plan as a map. You might set out on a road trip across the country without a GPS or a map, but then you might also miss the most spectacular sights, and even miss your end-goal altogether. A clear business plan will help you set your intentions and determine the future direction, scope, and tone of your business.

Plan from the beginning

According to the (US small business administration) your business plan is a living document that projects 3 - 5 years into the life of your business. It is also used to seek start-up funds from a lending institution. A smart plan will help you stay focused and on schedule.

Determine the target market

Decide what services and products they need. Be clear about what you have to offer. Make sure you are targeting the right end-market for those offerings. Do not lock yourself into the mindset that you will only be cleaning their windows. Brainstorm about additional services you can bundle together with window-washing. Keep your eyes open for other services that would be a benefit to your customers. This is one way to help secure your future employment, as well as increase your earnings quickly.

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Everybody has a unique selling point, or USP. What makes your window cleaning service unique? How does your particular window-washing service stand out when compared to the competition? What services do you offer that are the best for your market?

Let's face it. There is not a lot of room to be professionally stylistic or creative when it comes to window washing. Your job is simply to wash the windows well, and that is about it. Of course your cleaning company also must provide outstanding customer service and follow-through in all ways.

One place where style and creativity will make a difference, is in marketing and branding your service. Think about the logos, business names, and styles of the brands you purchase. Why do you remember those particular brands? Your business has a unique angle which your advertising and marketing materials should express. That special sauce is why people call your particular company instead of the competition, so let it stand out.


You must to be able to navigate cultural and social systems to be successful in your window cleaning business. You need proven strategies for implementing your services. Too many business owners simply set up their business, and then fail to step out and create a worthy buzz about it.

In your set-up phase, put in place your strategies for each of these important business elements:

  • Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Financing
  • Reputation
  • Social Media (online presence)
  • Scheduling
  • Bookkeeping
  • Managing employees

As you will see, the planning part never ends for your window cleaning business. You will constantly update your plan for the entire duration of your business. In some sense, a business either grows or it shrinks. The market is always open to a new player entering the game, and the environment is dynamic. Your company can never simply rest, nor should that be your goal in business.

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