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Window cleaning is a necessary service and a great little business to run. It holds up well even in a recession. If you wish, you can start out simply, washing windows in the 'burbs, then expand your business to the city and include high-rise, glass-block buildings where the big money is. What sorts of tools and equipment do you need to start, and how much should you expect to invest?

Starting as a window cleaner can challenge your determination, especially if you're a new entrepreneur. Where do you start, and how? Is there a trick to cleaning glass in any given situation? A surefire way to win a bid over the competition? Aside from learning how to offer a brilliant service, legally structure your business, and stay safe while getting a bird's-eye view, you need solid advice about marketing your cleaning service, and valuable tips on how to win the bids you want.

Most window cleaning business guides will tell you what to do, and may offer formulas. Formulas and techniques for cleaning and for removing crusty stains are helpful. However, what you're really seeking is a way to come across to your customers as a reliable professional whom they can trust, even before you have swiped the first clean path across your first windowpane with your brand new squeegee.

A business method worth its salt will offer you more than simple formulas for business success. Why? Because a window cleaning service, like any other business, is primarily about people.

An effective cleaning business guide will not only give you a recipe for leaving sparkling clean windows wherever you go, it will:

  • Teach you about communicating well with the people who'll be hiring you.

  • Show how to give excellent customer service, which translates to repeat business and better job security.

  • Educate you about how to transition from a solo operation to running a team of employees, if expanding your cleaning business is what you want to do.

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