How to use LinkedIn with your cleaning business

Using LinkedIn with your cleaning service business

How to use LinkedIn with your cleaning business.

Using LinkedIn to great effect with your cleaning service business.

Having your company on your person Linked-In profile has many benefits.

LinkedIn is often overlooked by my cleaning service clients, but it is actually the best social site to use for your cleaning service business. Because it is an actual local business networking website. And who do you want to clean for? Local people and businesses!

I think many cleaning service professionals are intimated by the process because so many big business corporate career people use Linked-In in such a high profile manner, but you can use it to great effect just doing practical service work in your local area. It actually has way more impact than Facebook or Twitter. Why? Because Facebook is about wasting time and getting lost in friends and family viral vids and Twitter is about getting lost in current events and memes, but LinkedIn is actually about work! It is for working and people are in a work frame of mind when interacting with the website. They are also actively looking for business professionals and that includes cleaning service professionals.

Company profile

Once you have a personal LinkedIn page (you must use your real first and last name) you can add a company page, much the same way Facebook works.

By using tags you can promote your services to local business owners. Your professional clients can "connect" with you on LinkedIn and that really helps when they refer you to another professional.

People can only view your full profile by being a member. With it being a semi-private membership site, you can network with other local professionals in a quality way, a professional manner, much more so than Twitter and Facebook, which also have their uses for your cleaning service business, see the articles listed below.

Transparent Vetting

People are more likely to trust you when you have professional associations that are transparent and in the public domain. Unfortunately, service professionals are always fighting the reputation (deserved or not) of being less than professional in their dealings, that is why the more professional organizations you are a member of the better to calm the client's fears.

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Quality Leads

It aids you in generating leads that are actually of high quality and are more likely to result in good paying work. The reason being that they can contact the professionals that you are networked with for a reference. These leads are going to be much better than the typical bargain shopper on Craigslist. Much better!

Your Social Media Matrix

Linked-In will be a part of your social media matrix, where all of your social media tools all work together to help you promote your local cleaning company in a networked fashion that search engines prefer. This matrix will include Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is a great online tool for your cleaning company to expand its influence and reputation with local professionals.

The Clean Up Now System has a specific action plan on how to use Linked-In with your cleaning company.

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