Three stepping
stones to growth

It's impossible to see into the future. Yet every business owner needs to navigate their way into it the best they can. Commercial cleaning business owners need a system to help their business grow. Lay out these three stepping stones to follow and you'll reach your future goals.

Growing your business offers both challenge and pleasure. It's a challenge when you need to attract new customers, and a pleasure when you do. Business waxes and wanes, so it's important to line up leads at each of the three stages. Even when business is doing well, the long-term health of your business depends on attracting new customers.

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Getting new customers is one of the major hurdles in this industry. Three stepping stones will help you systematically approach this challenge – the three stages of leads: cold, warm, and hot. Cold leads are available through purchasing a list. Warm leads are those who have come through a referral. Hot leads are those who already know they want to hire you. You just need to show up and do the job.

Sometimes it's hard to get the ear of the person making the hiring decision. Have you ever pitched your service to a business, but never gotten a call back? This is just the way it is. Converting a cold lead into a hot one is just a numbers game. It requires patience.

Make your name stick
Persevere and keep pitching until your cleaning business name becomes familiar to them. The next time they need your service, it will pop into their head. That's when your marketing materials become important. Distribute your flyers, magnets, postcards and other materials regularly to cold and warm leads, and they'll soon grow hot.

Studies in advertising show that people need to see the name of your business three times before they respond, and up to ten times before they will make a decision to purchase. Businesses you've just pitched once are highly unlikely to even register your name. Warm them up by multiple exposures to your business name and, if you have them, your slogan or logo.

People talk.

We love talking about other people. We learn things that way, get firsthand information from people we trust. Such as who to hire to clean. In the commercial cleaning business, your reputation is built one job at a time. Referrals come from customers saying positive things about your service. There is really no other way to get an excellent reputation than to give excellent service.

Facebook & Twitter

Social media can help your business in many ways. Facebook and Twitter offer simple ways for people to connect with you, learn about your service, and get to know you by what you choose to post and the way you respond to comments. It's very easy way to spread the word – whether good or bad. Word of mouth spreads fast in the digital age.

Socializing in person plays a very important role as well. Network with other business owners in your city. This is a smart way to learn about the local business community. Who offers housepainting, who does landscaping and yardwork? Approach these business owners and work with them. They are your allies on the journey of growing your business.

Once you are established as a professional in your field, getting commercial cleaning business is easier. People hire those they know and trust. Membership in community groups is an excellent way to spread the word about your service and to develop a good reputation within the community. Let your reputation precede you, and protect it with your life. Over time, you will establish yourself as a resource for others to depend upon – someone who cares how your business is perceived in the local community. People wait in line to do business with someone like that. Wouldn't you?

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