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The path to success, respect, and happiness is more than you might think. It begins when you take the first step, which is making the decision to achieve your small business goals.

Once you decide on that, you call in two very important allies: self-discipline and determination. Don't worry if you feel a little lacking in these areas. You can develop these two traits. Here's how:

  • Set clear priorities. Working from home can be the answer to many peoples' dreams. There's no question that it can benefit you greatly, but there are challenges as well. For example, you might have days when your spouse is home sick, your car gets a flat, or your kids are out of school unexpectedly. Set your priorities and stick to your plan. Have a backup plan that includes arranging for help, or call in a sitter. That way when your day takes a surprising turn, you will still reach your goals. 

  • Get your most important tasks completed quickly. Don't even ponder them. Drink your coffee (or in my case, your tea) and simply jump in and tackle them. I've gotten to where I sometimes forget to eat breakfast because I sit down at the computer and start answering emails first. Don't skip breakfast! But do wake up at the same time each day, and keep a regular schedule. Just because you are the boss of yourself, that doesn't mean you can take it easy every day. Treat yourself like an executive. Get the job done, and you'll reap the rewards. 

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  • Keep clear boundaries for your work. This means both time and . If you have a small space in the garage or carport where you keep your cleaning supplies, make sure that only cleaning supplies are located there. Don't toss in your surfboard, your skis, or your antique junk collection too. Same goes for time and your schedule. Once you determine the time you begin and end a workday, for 8 am to 3 pm, only vary it when you must, or in of emergency. Friends and family members will figure out quickly not to bug you during your workday.

  • Be accountable. Nobody else (except us and your spouse) really cares if your new business gets off the ground. That's the harsh truth, but it's a healthy thing to recognize. That means it's totally up to you, and you alone, to make your cleaning business fly. Being accountable means following through on your promises to yourself, to your assistants, and most importantly, to your customers. Go over the top to deliver excellent customer service and your business will grow quickly through the very best advertising: word of mouth.

Developing self-discipline and determination may take time, but here's the good news. All you have to do is make that initial decision to succeed at reaching your goals. Once you do, following the suggestions above isn't difficult, in fact, it's a pleasure to do business -- yourself!

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