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We believe the key to our success is a dynamite blend of Suzanne's user-friendly writing and my innovative systems design approach to the cleaning business. Together we've created a professional, high-quality and effective cleaning business start up system that is guaranteed to work!

What do our clients have to say?

When I first decided to start my own cleaning business, everything seemed so daunting. I was worried about the unknown.  However, Clean Up Now System really helped simplify the process and contained all the information I needed and more.  Evan has been very helpful and he always answers all my questions.  He replied to all my emails promptly and I got my first 5 star review from a client just recently.  I've also been getting a lot of compliments about how professional my website looks.  I couldn't have done all this without the help of Evan and the Clean Up Now System.

Sheena Harmon

We found Evan to be helpful and good at giving guidance when we were unsure about anything during the development of our website.

He always responded promptly to our questions and was willing to offer advice when needed.

Eddie & Ruth

I have enjoyed working with you and the excitement of seeing the results! Thank you for your amazing work!

Nicole T.

Purchasing the website service was the best thing I could have done for getting our business found online. The cost was more than reasonable. It was a no-brainer. I am impressed with what is included in the method, as it is above and beyond what I expected. And I've been amazed at the top quality customer service from Ev and Suze. My highest recommendations.

Thank You,


Our cleaning business is going very well and I have found your training materials very useful, especially in the first six month period.

Dave Lingard

I have just started to read and study all the info that you have provided and it is wonderful! You have so much great info. I just wanted to say thank you, and well done! Now it's up to me to make something of it! Thanks again.

S. Royce

First I just want to express my appreciation for you and your information in the start up kits for beginning a cleaning business. I'm having fun educating myself on the do's and don't do's of this type of business.


If you are serious about starting a business and the Cleaning Business is the one you want: Evan & Sue's package & comprehensive materials, communication & follow through can not be surpassed! The information provided has been priceless & Evan's vast knowledge, his fast professional response to all of my questions & needs has far & beyond covered the costs. They clearly know the cleaning business! In addition the help with my website, business cards, flyers, & advertising has created a professional look & feel that my customers have shown respect towards.

It has been an awesome experience to work with them. I am very happy & blessed to have found them!

They are real people & true professionals who care about me & and my business success.

Thank you Evan & Suzanne! 

I am looking forward to a long & prosperous relationship!

Edit Schardt

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Thank you for responding back to me! I ordered the Clean Up Now System the other day and I have pretty much read everything. I stayed up late for two days just reading! I have been in business for only 3 weeks now. I have a customer every week now and I have two other house cleanings. I did purchase a newspaper ad for a 6-month contract. I wish I had gotten my hands on your material before I signed that ad contract.

I just love all your info. And I am so happy I have ordered your system. I will definitely have more questions. But, just wanted to stop by to say hello to you both!

Patrice Kent

"Your start-up venture

will be much easier!"

I’ll admit -- I was a bit reluctant to purchase the system from Suze and Ev because it seemed too good to be true. All this information rolled into one, and at a more than reasonable price? But I said to myself, “Why not go for it, and see what happens." I did just that, and have not regretted it one bit.

I have had the package now for four months and it has been instrumental in starting my business. Ev created a website for me that is excellent. He also answered several questions on his own time that were not a part of the package.

Overall, I would recommend this package to anyone trying to start a cleaning business. It will make your start-up venture that much easier!


Purchasing the the clean up now system was the best decision I ever made for me and my family. The system is easy to read and learn. Evan and Suze have been in the business 20 +years and they know what they are doing, they are great mentors and they will be with you every step of the way. I have always gotten my questions answered by email within 24 hours. So If you are looking to start your own cleaning business the clean up now system is the way to go!!!!

Alesia Rockford, il

I highly recommend cleaning business system. Tons of information about succeeding in business. My website created by Ev is absolutely amazing. It's worth every penny. Great support. 

Cezar B.

Again Ev, thank you very much for all your help. I appreciate having such a well put together plan that is adaptable to my needs, which right now is on a small scale. The advice and plans are simply amazing. So many friends have told me that I could have easily just jumped in and started to clean and work out the details later. I guess to some degree they are correct. However, If I am putting my name on anything I want to do it to the best of my ability and thanks to you and Suze I am able to go at my own pace. With knowledge, relative experience and hard work I am sure success is in my future. 


I want to thank you Ev and Suze for being so patient with me. You have delivered on your promise and I am very grateful for all you have done in building my cleaning business website. My customers like everything about it, including being able to navigate through it with ease and finding all pertinent information about my services. I am happy to have chosen you!

Bob D.

"Above and beyond my expectations"

I found Ev and Suze just searching on the web on how to start my housekeeping business. I was surprised to come across such a professional business to help me with all my needs. They help you with everything on how to get started and market your business. There are so many great videos on their site that helped me. I learned what products to use and basically all the tricks to the trade.  I never been a house cleaner myself so this was very useful. They also built my website for me. They were very patient with me. I kept changing how and what I wanted it say. They were quick and responsive to all my needs. Now people are always telling me how much they love my website and it brings in clients. I highly recommend the Clean Up Now System. 10/10! Thanks again!

Holly from Seattle.

Suz & Ev really deliver! Not only a beautiful website but step-by-step instructions (with priceless tips) to start my own cleaning business. I am so excited!


Evan:  First I would like to say that we owe a lot of our success to date to your system.  It accelerates the learning curve immensely.  So thank you for that.

Dave Lingard

I wish to thank you for delivering great service to me throughout the years.  I also wish you continued success in the cleaning business. 

Elizabeth's Eco Friendly Cleaning

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starting your cleaning business.

"Seeing results, and

we are very excited!"

I was very much impressed with the content and quality of the training I received from the Cleanup Now System. As a new business owner, I can't say enough about Suze & Ev's program. The step by step guidance I received for starting my cleaning business is invaluable. Not to mention having my own personal custom website as part of the service was awesome. I am well on my way to a profitable cleaning business. Congrats!! Suze & Ev on an outstanding training program!

S. Campbell - Columbia, MD 

I have spent the past few days ransacking all the articles in your system, taking endless pages of notes, and generally being amazed and astonished, and sometimes completely overwhelmed by the remarkable depth and breadth of all the information that you have provided. You have very powerfully delivered on what you promised. 


Thank you! Everything is coming out really nice, you have been awesome and we appreciate all your assistance!

Anna Smith

Neat and Sweet Cleaning Service is up and running. And since we only clean restaurants, I took some of your ideas and used them with very good success. I have several bids in and now have two contracts. Thanks for all your help!


I purchased the Clean Up Now System last week and it is definitely a good read.  I am enjoying every minute of the thorough details that you and Suze have taken the time to put together.  You all are awesome and I am so glad I made the purchase.

Donna C.

I just want to thank you again for your service. I also wanted to let you know that thanks to all your advice, we have just taken the top spot in the organic results for house cleaners in our area. We have also landed a job cleaning a Chiropractic Clinic once a week. We are starting to see results and we are very excited!!! 

Thank you guys for all you have done. This is gonna be GREAT!!

Jeffrey Reid

I again want to say thank you for this opportunity!  I am very impressed so far and I know I have not really seen a lot of what all is available. You are both an answered prayer!


Thank you! Everything is coming out really nice, you have been awesome and we appreciate all your assistance! 

Anna Smith

First I want to thank you for your site. It has helped me grow my business. Now I'm branching out into commercial cleaning.


Thank you so much for putting in place and maintaining this amazing system. Regards,


The Clean Up Now System has helped me so much. I enjoyed reading the carpet cleaning method. I plan to add carpet cleaning as one of my services. The System is very informative to entrepreneurs. I am still learning so much from your system. Thank you!

Jaclaver F.

I totally could not have done this without your help! A reporter saw my submitted press release and wanted to do an article about my new business! You are worth every penny! (If not more!)

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Amy Jean

I’ve just been studying the “Promoting Your Business Website” part of your site, and man!--what an amazing amount of information you have provided there! In my opinion that section alone is worth the price of your whole program. I had no idea of the complexities of getting yourself up near the top on Google. You have opened my eyes to New Realities. And just think, in addition to all that you’re giving me my whole website for free? How can you give so much value for such a low price?

Edward Bellows

Love this service! I was a bit skeptical at first because the price is so reasonable but after careful research I signed up for the Cleaning Up Now and had Ev build my website. I'm very pleased with the way it turned out and he always helps me with anything I need pretty much as soon as I ask.

I've owned my cleaning business almost 20 years, so I'm very excited to finally have a website. Thank you for the great service!!

Holly Jurovich

"Price is so reasonable"

Hello, I want to thank you for your books and your system to help people start a cleaning business, it’s very good and priceless. Thank you so much, I really appreciate your help.


"Great support and a lifesaver"

I just wanted to thank you for your system. I purchased it about a year ago and now have a team of eight people working with me, have hired a manager and have stopped working. I'm ready to hire more staff to keep up with demand.

Vanessa MacLellan

Things have been going great, we've worked some jobs and your materials have really helped, thanks! 

Brian Lewis

Wow! The information that you and your wife offer is awesome. I am still reading, a lot to digest but, sooo much fun. I get butterflies in my stomach when I switch to a different topic. Thank you for the great information.

Brad Procak

WOW, Ev! Thanks for the great feedback! Please send our thanks to Suze, too!

Lori Hope

Thanks for working on this today! WOW, it looks amazing!  It is impressive and beautiful at first glance. I really love what you and Suze have to offer, it is such a great support, and a lifesaver for me. Very well written and engaging as well. 

Mary P.

Thanks for your support! This system is definitely worth every penny. You guys are awesome!

Glendoria Reed

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Learn 8 mistakes to avoid before

starting your cleaning business.

"You have helped us immensely"

I have been doing extensive reading on your website.  You guys put a great resource together.  I am pumped!


Thanks for your assistance and support. It has been very much appreciated and I am glad I decided to purchase one of your packages. The communication has been the biggest help.

Michael Ogden

Just wanted to let you know I think your service is wonderful you have helped us immensely.  I like and agree with the way you talk about life and being happy and making others happy.

Taylor D.

I don't know the best way to tell you how happy I am as I read every word and sentence in these business methods. As I read, something within me keeps building the confidence that I can apply these methods correctly to my company. The reading is just so exciting, magnetic and elating. Millions of thanks!


"Very jazzed it's working so fast"

My name is Jamie Rauch, and I bought your method, and wow, I'll tell you, I'm sure glad I did. We can't wait to see what the future has in store for us with our house cleaning business. Thank so much for the info."


I had my first client in three days and my second two days later...I have a couple more estimates lined up. I'm very jazzed that it's working so fast.


I'm very pleased with your system. I also appreciate Ev's quick responses to my emails."


Suze & Ev -- I got my first job within a month of ordering your book -- $100 job every other week. I'm on my way. Thanks for making a difference in my life! Best, 


Ev, I am very impressed with your work, especially your quick response. You made it very easy for me and I can't believe I have a good website built within a week. Thanks,

Rosemond, Belfast

"Honest and informative"

"Thank you for producing such an honest and informative book. I feel very optimistic about my new business."


I wanted to thank you for your generous book. Your book is very thorough, I feel confident that whatever comes up, I can handle it.



Stephanie Smith

Enjoying the straight forward approach you use in the Clean Up Now System. You make it easy to relate to. Also trying out the natural cleaning solutions you suggest. Thanks!


" It's a joy to read something

that is so thoughtfully written"

You and your wife's website and training is powerful. I am pleased and Happy I found you guys. THANK YOU!

Candis Y.

Thanks again for your help with getting us started. We appreciate you taking the time to answer all of our questions.

Brad & Cynthia

I am reading through one of the systems now. I want to commend you and Suze on how well-written the residential cleaning service method is! It's a joy to read something that is so thoughtfully written. Thank you and I hope you have a great week! I am looking forward to reading more and getting started on this exciting new opportunity and direction in my life.

Best regards


Just wanted to give you an update. It has been going really well! I have several cleaning jobs now and that has only happened in the last few weeks! I have total confidence that my business is going to be great! 


"So much great information"

Thank you so much for your help. Everything looks beautiful!  I can't wait to share my website with family and friends!


Melody Trent

Hey Ev, I've been reading through all of your information. I can tell that you and Suze have put a lot of years into the industry. It shows with the quality of material that you produce.

Chris Husky

It's been great reading your book and getting so much information. Your methods are indeed great.

Patricia Fagan

Thanks for all your help and information. The Clean Up Now System has been amazing getting my business off the ground and running. I recommend it highly!


My wife, Jen and I are already impressed with your methods. We are VERY impressed with the website thus far! It looks fabulous! 

Sparkle cleaning services

Hi Ev!  My business is coming along thanks to you guys! 

Kimberly F.

It’s perfect Ev! Thank you so much for helping us on this journey to becoming self sufficient, It will be a pleasure working with the help  of you and Suze.

Suprina B.

"My website looks awesome"

Thank you very much, the website looks great. I would never be able to do this on my own.

Kursten L.

You have always been so helpful and I want you to know how much I appreciate this from you and Suze. I just went to my web page and almost cried (happy tears)! Thank you again for doing such a great job on my website.


Hi, the website looks awesome. We appreciate your efforts so much! Have a wonderful day!

Mary Campbell

 It looks absolutely amazing and I am so happy that you are helping me. Thank you so much for your help and I will be telling everyone how helpful you have been and direct people to use your cleaning system to help them start their business. 

Christy Mendoza

I have been doing extensive reading on your methods. You guys put a great resource together.  I am pumped!


I am extremely pleased with the content and professional look of the website!
Thank again,

Vickie W.

Thank you again for the website. Everything is just the way it should be.


I absolutely love it (website)!!! Both of you are so creative. 


The business website is awesome and I love it so much.

Candice Y.

Wow! The site is awesome and professional...Thank you

Rebecca, T.

Very impressed with the website, awesome job! Looks great!

Cherie & Troy

Thank you, it's great! I appreciate your work.

Rachel Gollnick

"Very happy with how

things are going"

Business is doing very well. Thank you so much, you and Suze are doing a good job. I still refer to your material very often. Thanks again.


Wanted to let you know my cleaning business is doing very, very well :)  I am very happy with how things are going and I am getting very busy :)


Hi, so far I love it your advice, it is so helpful. Thank you very much!


I purchased the program last week and absolutely love it.


"I really appreciate getting

my website so fast!"

Thank you Ev and Suze, the website is awesome! Everything is coming together so nicely that we have had your guidance!!

Sherry & Stephanie

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I really appreciate you getting to this sooooo fast! I love my web site! You guys are the BEST!


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