Start Your Own Cleaning Business

A professional cleaning business is always in demand and is one of the most affordable businesses to start. As the boss, You are in control, you set your own goals and make your own schedule. The income potential is unlimited! 


One-Time Fee!

GUARANTEED RESULTS: We provide the highest quality cleaning business start-up services. We guarantee you will have positive results or your money back!

Benefits of a cleaning business

  • Very low-cost startup
  • Start business quickly
  • Unlimited income potential
  • Big demand results in job security
  • You are the boss
  • Set your own hours
  • Get paid every week

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If you are serious about starting a business and the Cleaning Business is the one you want: Evan & Sue's package & comprehensive materials, communication & follow through can not be surpassed! The information provided has been priceless & Evan's vast knowledge, his fast professional response to all of my questions & needs has far & beyond covered the costs. They clearly know the cleaning business! In addition the help with my website, business cards, flyers, & advertising has created a professional look & feel that my customers have shown respect towards.

It has been an awesome experience to work with them. I am very happy & blessed to have found them!

They are real people & true professionals who care about me & and my business success.

Thank you Evan & Sue! 

I am looking forward to a long & prosperous relationship!

Edit Schardt

I’ll admit -- I was a bit reluctant to purchase the system from Suze and Ev because it seemed too good to be true. All this information rolled into one, and at a more than reasonable price? But I said to myself, “Why not go for it, and see what happens." I did just that, and have not regretted it one bit.

I have had the package now for four months and it has been instrumental in starting my business. Ev created a website for me that is excellent. He also answered several questions on his own time that were not a part of the package.

Overall, I would recommend this package to anyone trying to start a cleaning business. It will make your start-up venture that much easier!


Purchasing the the clean up now system now was the best decision I ever made for me and my family. The system is easy to read and learn. Evan and Sue have been in the business 20 +years and they know what they are doing, they are great mentors and they will be with you every step of the way. I have always gotten my questions answered by email within 24 and 48 hours. I already have a couple of walk throughs set up and I am very excited! So If you are looking to start your own cleaning business the clean up system is the way to go!!!!

Alesia - Rockford, il

I was very much impressed with the content and quality of the training I received from the Cleanup Now System. As a new business owner, I can't say enough about Suze & Ev's program. The step by step guidance I received for starting my cleaning business is invaluable. Not to mention having my own personal custom website as part of the service was awesome. I am well on my way to a profitable cleaning business. Congrats!! Suze & Ev on an outstanding training program!

S. Campbell - Columbia, MD 

I just want to thank you again for your service. I also wanted to let you know that thanks to all your advice we have just taken the top spot in the organic results for house cleaners in our area. We have also landed a job cleaning a Chiropractic Clinic once a week. We are starting to see results and we are very excited!  Thank you guys for all that you have done.  This is gonna be GREAT!!

Jeffrey Reid

Thank you for responding back to me! I ordered the other day and I have pretty much read everything. I stayed up late for two days, just reading. I have been in business for only 3 weeks now. I have a person every week now and I have had two other house cleanings. I just love all your info. And I am so happy I have ordered your system.

Patrice Kent 

Hey Ev, I've been reading through all of your information. I can tell that you and Suze have put a lot of years into the industry. It shows with the quality of material that you produce.

Chris Husky

Purchasing the website was the best thing I could have done for getting our business found online. The cost was more than reasonable, it was a no-brainer. I am impressed with what is included in the package, it is above and beyond what I expected. And I've been amazed at the top quality customer service from Ev and Suze. My highest recommendations.

Thank You, 
John - LaGrange, OH

I purchased your system a few months ago and have now started my cleaning business. It seem to be a success story (from NH). I'm having good results. Your instructions and emails have been a huge benefit and encouragement to me. So, thank you so much. 

Leigh Sweetser