Successful Cleaning Business Stories

Anyone that has ran their own business will tell you that it is a roller coaster ride! It is best to look at such an adventure as a journey of learning and growing. The benefits are many, but so are the sacrifices. It will not always be easy and at times very challenging, but those are good circumstances that lead to character and to a virtuous life.

There is no real way to determine a cleaning business success rate (across the board for all cleaning companies) but it has been, historically speaking, one of the easiest and most affordable businesses to start.

I have been consulting cleaning service businesses since 2004. I ran my own cleaning business for over 10 years. I would guess the success rate to be much higher than most other service industry businesses, the reason being that it is a much simpler business to both start and to run. A cleaning service company has less overhead and there is always enough work. 

I have been recently collecting success stories from my clients. You may find these successful cleaning business stories useful as you decide whether or not to start your own cleaning service business.

Please watch the successful cleaning business stories on the above video channel.


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Neat and Sweet Cleaning Service is up and running. And since we only clean restaurants, I took some of your ideas and used them with very good success. I have several bids in and now have two contracts. Thanks for all your help!


I purchased the Clean Up Now System last week and it is definitely a good read.  I am enjoying every minute of the thorough details that you and Suze have taken the time to put together.  You all are awesome and I am so glad I made the purchase.

Donna C.

I just want to thank you again for your service. I also wanted to let you know that thanks to all your advice, we have just taken the top spot in the organic results for house cleaners in our area. We have also landed a job cleaning a Chiropractic Clinic once a week. We are starting to see results and we are very excited!!! 

Thank you guys for all you have done. This is gonna be GREAT!!

Jeffrey Reid

I again want to say thank you for this opportunity!  I am very impressed so far and I know I have not really seen a lot of what all is available. You are both an answered prayer!


First I want to thank you for your site. It has helped me grow my business. Now I'm branching out into commercial cleaning.


The Clean Up Now System has helped me so much. I enjoyed reading the carpet cleaning method. I plan to add carpet cleaning as one of my services. The System is very informative to entrepreneurs. I am still learning so much from your system. Thank you!

Jaclaver F.

I totally could not have done this without your help! A reporter saw my submitted press release and wanted to do an article about my new business! You are worth every penny! (If not more!)

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Amy Jean

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