Starting your own
cleaning business

Starting your own cleaning business

Thinking of starting your own cleaning business?

One of the easiest, fastest businesses to start is a cleaning business. Let me explain why:

  • Low cost start-up, under $1,000.
  • Fast start-up time, 4 - 8 weeks.
  • No required education needed for entry-level work.
  • Scales up quickly and goes as big as desired.
  • The working landscape does not change much, unlike jobs in technology.

When you start your own cleaning business, there are basically two options.

Make it up and learn as you go, which works fine--yet is painstakingly slow. OR, you can locate trustworthy, professional help and guidance and grow your business quickly.

One way to help yourself is to use the Internet and learn from other professional cleaners. This is certainly a convenient way, but it can be very time consuming and confusing.

It can take months or even years to comb through the comments in all of the forums and blogs about starting a cleaning business online.

You will get convincing arguments for approaching the business this particular way, and then turn around and read somewhere else that a a completely different approach is way better.

For example, take the issue of how to price your cleaning services...

One cleaning professional will advocate setting your fees by the square foot, and another will argue for doing a visual walk-through.

One will schedule appointments online through their website without ever talking to the new client, and another will schedule a walk-through and give a bid in person taking into consideration all kinds of data that will not show up on a website form.

One approach is fast and easy, the other time consuming and challenging.

One is likely to result in low paying jobs and the other much better paying jobs, one will result in a very short retention period, the other a very long retention period.

Can you tell which is which?

Planning your own cleaning business

The reality is that both can work, it just depends on what your working goals are with your cleaning service. This is rarely taken into account on cleaning forums.

Are you cleaning move ins/move outs, small offices, apartment buildings, construction clean up, large homes, dental offices, demo homes, all of the above?

I recently read through a thread on how to design a flyer. There were lots of opinions and what do you do? Try them all.

BEWARE. Some of the advice you’ll find online is actually illegal and can get you in trouble.

For instance, it is illegal to attach a flyer to or to put it into a mailbox! Many pro cleaners are not very principled or educated and offer advice too freely. Don’t be one of them.

You cannot assume the laws and ordinances are the same in Manhattan as they are in Batcave, NC.

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Problems with learning on your own

  • Time consuming
  • Confusions leads to indecision
  • Easy to miss important information
  • Many gaps in potential ideas and process

The only real downside to hiring a consultant or using a cleaning business system is the cost. Now, if the system is well designed it will actually save you time and money in the long run.

But hey...if you just plain do not have the resources, what can you do?

Cleaning Service Franchises

Are you too afraid to start your own cleaning business?

Are you attracted to a cleaning business franchise for that reason?

Cleaning service franchises thrive on fear and it is the idea that they will make it more safe to start and run a cleaning business.

Considering the outlandish cost of getting into a cleaning franchise model, it will not even be an option.

Here is an alternative to franchise that costs a fraction of the money

You will definitely want to have a mentor when starting your own cleaning business, but a franchise is inappropriate if you’re on a shoestring budget.

So the best option is find a consultant that can help you through your rookie year until your cleaning business is on its feet.


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