The secret to starting a
cleaning business from home

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Cleaning is a pleasurable, low-stress job, and demand for professional cleaners is high. Every day, people start a cleaning service with the best of intentions.

The painful truth is, most will fail.

Cleaning-business dreams turn to mud every day.

Sometimes these cleaning business start-ups succeed beyond expectations. But many do not. The bills come in, but not the income. It’s a bad scenario.

So what are they doing wrong?

The answer may surprise you.

Many people are attracted to the idea of running their own small business. They are good at cleaning or enjoy it, and often have outstanding organizational skills. Working for themselves is attractive. Moms, dads, students and others needing part-time or full-time work can run a cleaning business.

They learn how to start a cleaning business from home, and discover that it’s pretty easy to learn the ins and outs. At first, everything goes smoothly. They get their first customer. Supplies needed are already in their cupboard. In many ways, cleaning is an ideal first business.

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But soon, the bills are due. Customers are not knocking on their door.

They reconsider their idea to run a cleaning service from home, since business is slow. They give up. Their plan doesn’t seem to be working out.

They’ve made their first mistake. Did you catch it?

It’s not that they didn’t clean well enough. They delivered professional service.

Cleaning is only part of the business. In many cases, they fail because they did not understand the stages of building a business.

Their first big mistake was being too slow to start.

They lost momentum.

Loss of momentum at the start can be fatal to a cleaning service business. Building a business is like spinning a top. It must be started with a certain urgent force and momentum.

Without the right force at the right stage, business will wobble and then stop altogether. The start-up phase requires action. The next stage—growing the cleaning business—does not require so much activity.

Those starting a cleaning business from home succeed by taking the right steps at just the right stage of their business.

The secret is in the start-up phase. Knowing which steps to take and when to take them can mean the difference between a flop and a success in the cleaning business.

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