Starting an office
cleaning business

Starting an office cleaning business

Considering starting an office cleaning business of your own?

It's a great first-time business to start. Here is why -

  • Low cost start up
  • Training is fast and affordable
  • Easy to scale
  • Time to profit is short
  • Lends itself to networking

Low cost start up

  • Start an office cleaning business in a matter of weeks.
  • Create a stream of positive cashflow with one month.
  • Phase in the costs of the business as you go.
  • Invest just $100 in flyers to get rolling.
  • One of the cheapest businesses to start.

Easy to scale

This business is easy to scale (make bigger) as you go. You do not have to launch with full crews or a big marketing budget to get going.

It is similar to building a real estate business in that regard. Build it one client at a time.

Unlike real estate, you can have a dozen clients in one month – or even quicker.

You can scale your office cleaning business to full time in a matter of a few months. Word of mouth works best for an office cleaning business.

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Training is fast & easy

You can learn all you need to know about cleaning either through a local community college, or even better, get yourself a mentor online.

Find a business system online that you can follow.

Save money and time with a mentor you can trust.

Additional services

You can also add in other services to existing clients. Add in residential cleaning, window cleaning, and carpet cleaning, for example.

You might be surprised how much business you can generate from just one satisfied customer.

Many people who work at an office will want to hire your cleaning service for their home and their other spaces, such as their local church and gym.

Other types of spaces, such as hotel ballrooms used for business conferences, small office meeting rooms used for community meetings, and other spaces, can all be accessed through your existing client list.

You may not think of the opportunities for networking. That's where your clients come in. Once you establish your value in their eyes, they will be interested in referring you to their business contacts.

Lends itself to networking

Cleaning is a valuable start up business and a good reliable cleaning professional will find it easy to network with other local businesses such as bankers, insurance companies, home inspectors, landscaping firms, construction firms, office supply stores, real estate brokerages, and more.

Starting an office cleaning business of your own is a great idea. The business is always in demand, making it a low-risk business for almost anyone, whether you're a first time entrepreneur or an experienced business owner.

I have helped many established business owners switch to managing a cleaning business because it was a better fit for their skills and returns such good profits.

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