Starting a residential cleaning business

Starting a residential cleaning business

When starting a residential cleaning business it is best to evaluate your needs to see if it is a good fit for you as an first time entrepreneur.

What are your primary needs? What is it you seek most from your trade?


This goes without saying, but how much money do you want and how quickly? One of the great things about a residential cleaning business start up is how cheap and fast it is to start and how profitable it can be early on. There are very few businesses that are so fast and easy to start that can result in pure profit within only a couple of months and give you a steady flow of cash for the future.

If you want to make a lot of money in the cleaning profession, you will have to work very hard for it, it will start-up fast, but tends to grow slowly. You may also hit a cap with residential cleaning where it gets hard to scale the business. There is only so much you can charge per house cleaning and only so many jobs you can juggle effectively. You have to be able to scale up the business by adding cleaning technicians.

Meaningful work

It is a good and honest living, if you are ethical with your business practices, but it is not necessarily going to bring passion into your life. But most people look to other areas of their life to experience passion -- their family, friends, hobby or volunteering. I found professional cleaning to be surprisingly meaningful for me as a living. I also did other activities on the side to add variety, such as music and home improvement.

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This is a very good business if you want job security and little change with your day to day work. If change is something you crave, if you like to be challenged in many technological ways (like learning a new gadget or operating system), then it will likely be boring for you. If it is comforting to you that your day to day routine will NOT change much, then it is a good fit for you.


Cleaning is relaxing for most of us, but do not think that because the task of cleaning is relaxing, that running the business or dealing with clients will be! It can be a smooth running business, but that really comes down to your communication skills and you ability to roll with the punches.

I found it to be a simple business to start and easy to run and for the most part and a relatively drama free way to make a living. Once you have a job routine established with a client it sort goes into auto-pilot and can go on the same way for years and years with friendly interaction between you and the client.

Introvert vs extrovert

I think it can work great for both, since the introvert will be at home with the quiet relaxing solitary nature of the actual cleaning routine, but the extrovert will be at home with the marketing, networking and communications that will make the business thrive. It is best if you can switch between these two modes as need be.

Starting a residential cleaning business can be a great way to make a living doing meaningful work that is always in demand.


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