Starting a pressure
washing business

Start a pressure washing business

Starting a pressure washing business is an excellent business start up niche. One that shows great promise and potential.

Pressure washing is the process of applying high pressure water to a surface to remove mold, gum, stains, ground in dirt and other substances. Old wood and concrete can look new once it has been pressure washed. You can clean various siding materials with pressure washing techniques.

Hence pressure washing will be in constant demand. The basic need for structural maintenance of any surface found around the home like concrete, siding, wood decks, roofs and others means that there is plenty of work out there for the pressure washing start up.

What are some of the benefits of starting a pressure washing business?

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Be your own boss and set your own hours. A pressure washing business is great for those that want to be in charge of their own lives. Starting a pressure washing business for the purpose of being self employed and taking charge of one's financial well being is a noble pursuit indeed.

Make an excellent living. You can make anywhere from $30 - $120 per hour pressure washing professionally. It really depends on your business acumen, marketing savvy and technical training. You can make a really nice living with the right business method and marketing approach. It is like many businesses, you could starve or become rich! It is all in the system and how you implement that system.

The washing services you can offer are:

  • House and mobile home siding.
  • Drive way and sidewalks.
  • Vehicle detailing.
  • Lawn equipment.
  • Pools and surrounding deck.
  • Fences, patios and decks.

There are also commercial pressure washing services you can offer.

Commercial pressure washing services include:

  • Storefronts and the sidewalks.
  • Parking Lots.
  • Bank & Fast Food Drive Thru's.
  • Gas Stations and convenience stores.

Fast start up:
Starting a pressure washing business is fairly simple to start up. It will not take long to get it up and running. You will have to take care of the usual start up requirements, but this is the case with any business start up. A pressure washing business is much simpler to run than say a restaurant or an oil lube shop. It's mostly you (or a crew) and your pressure washer.

Not expensive to start:
You will need to purchase your pressure washer and lay out the other start up costs. But again this fairly cheap compared to many businesses.

Work outside:
If you enjoy working outside and moving around in different situations, then you will really like pressure washing for a living. It never gets old or boring and you can really enjoy being out and about. If your the office and routine type, this is probably not for you.

Not emotionally or technically demanding:
Pressure washing is a pretty solitary job. Working with your clients is a quick in-an-out clean affair and you have few if any coworkers to deal with. It also does not require constant technical retraining or upgrading of knowledge.

You can expand your pressure washing business into running crews and managing employees if you so desire. Building your business to the multi-million dollar level in a matter of a few years. The sky is the limit with pressure washing as long as you have a sound business plan and implement in expertly. Starting a pressure washing business could be the right business start up fit for you.

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