Is starting a janitorial
service right for you?

Is starting a janitorial service right for you?

Every home and business owner regularly invests in maintaining their property. Upkeep, organization, and cleanliness is a key factor in running a healthy home or business. Dependable cleaning services always have plenty of work, because it’s worth every penny to hire a janitorial service that makes life run as smoothly as possible. Is starting an independent janitorial business right for you? One of the most important considerations is how to handle setting your own work schedule.

Are you good at setting your own hours?

Scheduling might seem like a little thing at first, but as your janitorial service begins to grow you’ll realize that your business can live or die by your schedule. Getting it right is important because it can mean the difference between running a financially sustainable business, or not. Setting your own schedule is one of the benefits of running a business. It’s also a big responsibility, because once your clients settle on a time that works for them, you want to do everything in your power to keep it the same every week. You’ll want to protect your downtime, too, or risk letting your business take over your life. Before offering your service, block out days and times you do not wish to make your service available. The key is to find a work/life balance that is appropriate for you.

Work time vs Free time

Running your own business is a goal for many people, because of the freedom to set a schedule and choose the hours you work. But some are just not cut out to handle an independent approach to the work day, and they might find themselves having difficulty navigating the workday. The freedom that comes with self-employed janitorial work also requires discipline. Dividing the day into blocks of work time vs free time may come easily for you. If not, you will want to settle on a system that helps you work efficiently. Otherwise, you might find yourself happily wiling away the hours at the local Starbucks, getting lost in Pinterest and Facebook when you need to be contacting clients.

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Do you prefer to work part-time?

Working part-time running a janitorial service is ideal for college students, parents looking to supplement their income, or anybody who needs to create another stream of income. Pay off bills, save money for college tuition, a road trip you’ve been planning. Or you might want to put away extra cash for a rainy day, or purchase a new car or new home appliance. On the other hand, if full-time work is what you require, this business is flexible enough to accommodate your needs.

This is a remarkable time to be starting a janitorial service. There’s never been a time in history like this, where we have the ability and the freedom to stay in touch with our work from just about anywhere. As long as we have our smartphones and iPads and access to wifi, we can check our email, keep on top of our work, make calls, and keep the hours we choose. But there’s still a lot of scheduling involved in actually getting down to the nitty gritty of the cleaning. Janitorial businesses are evolving along with every other service business. The work must get done regardless of the constant potential to stay connected with others. Smart cleaning business owners find the most efficient ways to use technology to communicate with clients, crew members, friends and family.

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