Starting a cleaning
business during a recession

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Are we in for another recession? Is it still a good time to start a cleaning business?

A cleaning business is, historically, one of the best businesses to start up when you need cash flow and fast. You can start for under $100 if you are resourceful.

Go directly to the job source
You only need 15 jobs to be employed full time, and you can have 2 - 3 jobs within a week by direct marketing. If you are in a crisis and not finding work (that is what happened to me in 1996), you can take charge of the situation and start a cash flow of $250 per week, within one week. You could get started tomorrow, if you’re motivated. Getting started is not difficult, however, it does take a full-time commitment for one month. If you keep up that commitment for four weeks you will be very busy, and you will also be earning $30 plus per hour. So, quit hanging out at the coffee shop looking through the want ads, go out and get some cleaning jobs. Even if you get the dream job you’ve been looking for, you can always keep the cleaning work as a part time job. A PT job that pays $30 per hour! That will get you out of debt fast, as it did me.

The cleaning business requires very basic skills.
Learn how to clean in one day. Practice in your own home. The first few jobs will always be less than ideal, but you need to just get through them. You will have it down in a matter of days and you will get better and faster. The learning curve is not huge and you can get through it in one week.

Are there not too many cleaning services already?
No! You only need 12 -15 jobs to be working full time. If you can do a better job than half of the cleaning services out there (and I promise you, you can!) and do it for less, there will always be room in the market. I have personally helped thousands of people start their cleaning business since I started the website,, in 2003.

But don't people lay off cleaners during a recession?
Yes, the middle class does. But you do not want to clean for the middle class. You want to clean for the wealthy. Wealthy people cut out many expenses long before they cut the cleaning crew. That is way down the list for them. They may not spend six weeks at the spa this year, but they are not going to cut the cleaner. The last thing they want or can afford to do is clean their own house, just to save $100. They are worth ten times that, so why would they work for one-tenth of what they are worth? That would make no sense. But yes, if you are working for someone that only makes $10 an hour more than you and the only reason they have a house cleaner is because they do not have the time, then yes, you may get cut.

Many of our clients are doing better than ever because they took our advice and work for wealthy home and business owners, and they provide "elite" services, not cut-rate services.

Don’t let the doom and gloom media news get you down. Even in a slow economy, you can make a great living and get out of debt by starting your own cleaning service.

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