Start part-time
office cleaning company

Start a part-time office cleaning company

If you are thinking of transitioning from a full-time job into your own cleaning company, one way to transition is to start a part-time office cleaning business with your free time. 

Many of our clients have had to have a transition plan to move from a steady job into their own full-time professional cleaning service. It's a ton of work, but it certainly makes sense as far as making the leap into your own business in the least risky way. 

Office cleaning typically happens in the evenings and weekends which means you can start your office cleaning service after work during the week and on your free weekends. You are effectively working two jobs for 7 days a week and that is tough, but here is the payoff. 

In a fairly short amount of time, 4 – 6 months, you can switch from your current job into your own cleaning company and be making an excellent living, calling your own shots and have a meaningful work life as an entrepreneur. 

The issue with residential home cleaning is it usually occurs during the day-time while families are at work which means you cannot keep your day job and perform home cleaning, you would have to quit your day job and take the leap into entrepreneurship from day one your new business.

Depending on your resources, that may be too big a leap to take, it may be wiser to ease into it pro cleaning part-time. 


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Small office cleaning offers a unique opportunity in that it is a fast and affordable business to start. All you need is a small car and some cleaning supplies. Most of the offices have the cleaning equipment already. You will be working by yourself and you can hone your cleaning skills in a fairly stress-free way compared to residential cleaning. Once you are comfortable with your cleaning skills, you can make the transition into full-time work and seek home cleaning jobs. You may even be able to ease out of your current job by reducing your hours and increasing your cleaning hours. 

If you would like to ease into the cleaning industry with the least amount of risk, then think about spending six months cleaning office part-time on top of your current job. The worst that can happen is you will have a lot of extra money! 

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