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Start a green cleaning service for healthy reasons!

Concerned about the health and safety of people, animals and the earth? So are a lot of us, and that is why green cleaning is a trend that is here to stay. One does not need to look far into the cabinet under the kitchen sink to find cleaning products containing chemicals that are categorized as hazardous waste and lethal poison. And these products, because they are cheap and have brand-name familiarity, are sold to consumers everyday.

But the cheap cost of conventional cleaning products conceals the severity and the long-term damage they cause. It is no wonder that green cleaning businesses are enjoying a steady increase in popularity and demand. As more people discover effective alternatives to harsh chemical cleaners, the alternatives improve in quality and become more affordable and available. Cleaning without the use of toxins helps preserve healthy habitats and helps to ensure a safer, cleaner environment for the health of future generations.

Green cleaning service

A cleaning company that uses non-toxic solutions in an effort to not harm humans or the environment is considered a green service. The term can also refer to a business that refrains from using excessive packaging that would contribute to pollution or pose a threat to living beings. Going green is about raising consciousness around the use of cleaning products, being aware of their effect on watersheds and the life that is dependent on those waterways. Even in small amounts many ingredients have been found to cause serious harm to life over a long-term period. A green cleaning business gets the job done without doing harm.

How can a dash of bleach do much harm to future generations? Small amounts of volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, can spell trouble for humans. Not all VOCs are harmful, but some of them pose unacceptable risks, disrupting neurological functions; irritating nasal, lung, and respiratory passages; or harming reproductive organs.

Brand names = less insecurity. But at what cost?

As consumers, we often reach for a product simply because we're familiar with the brand. We are enticed by an appealing label or a cheap price. The decisions we make at the grocery store may feel like our own, but the truth is, we are easily manipulated by advertising that caters to our basic insecurities. It's human nature, and unless we deliberately raise our consciousness and become aware of why we are purchasing what we are purchasing, we often simply buy the popular item. Humans want to feel more secure and in control. We feel less insecure when we stay with the pack and buy the brand that everyone uses.

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However, many popular products are made with toxic ingredients. Bleach, for example, has traditionally been so popular because it is cheap and it kills germs. Chlorine bleach is found in many household cleaners, and people may not realize that when mixed with vinegar or ammonia, it results in toxic gasses. Yet studies claim that plain white vinegar can be used in place of bleach, as it will also disinfect and kill bacteria without any toxic effects.

Using vinegar instead of bleach is not exactly an equal trade-off, although it is clearly the healthy alternative. Vinegar will be just as effective in killing germs, however, in some cases it does require a lot more elbow grease.

Green cleaning companies make a difference

Is the trade-off worth it? Most people would agree that it is, if they knew how corrosive and thorough the damage can be to human health. The fragrance of a freshly washed carpet might be pleasant, but if the carpet shampoo was the conventional kind it was laden with chemicals such as Perchlorethylene and trichloroethylene. These are known carcinogens that enter the body through inhalation, and are stored in the fatty tissue. Tricholoroethylene can cause cardiac arrhythmia or result in respiratory arrest.

Plenty of alternative cleaning solutions exist for effectively killing germs in the bathroom, kitchen, on the furniture, and the floor. Smart consumers raise their awareness around this important issue. Starting a green cleaning service can help make the difference, not only in one family's household, but in the health of an entire community.

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