Start Cleaning Business Checklist

Start a cleaning business checklist

I am a list maker, are you? Having a checklist to work from is a great way to get busy starting a cleaning business.

Without a list, I can walk into the grocery store and immediately forget we needed dish soap. But I’ll bring home watermelon because it caught my eye!

Starting a business can put you on overwhelm. There are a gazillion and one things to do.

So, how do you decide what to do first?

Some things can wait. Others, not so much.

It may not behoove you to go out and buy a truckload of cleaning equipment before you’ve got your first job lined up, for instance.

Save time and money with a system!

Working from a smart checklist makes everything go smoother and more quickly. It can save a mountain of money and a heap of time.

When things are moving along, it’s easier to maintain momentum. Momentum is a key to startup success. What’s so good about it?

Instant gratification. That’s the ticket. Without it, your time dwindles and your bank account shrinks.

This is an easy fix. Just make a list and refer to it every day. Check off items on your checklist and get the feedback you need. You will see progress and get instant gratification. And that’s when you will see the earnings start rolling in.

Key items for starting a cleaning business checklist

Keep your excitement level up in the beginning! It’s key to motivating you through the first phase of starting a business.

Spread the word

One of the worst ways to do this is to put an ad in the newspaper. There is no faster way to waste money and tank your momentum. Put an ad in the paper and sit back and listen to the crickets.

Instead, start a Facebook page. Put out flyers. Publish a high quality, professional website that is optimized for your area.

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Get jobs

One way to do this is to bid for jobs sight unseen on websites such as Thumbtack or Craigslist.

If you want to work much too hard for way too little pay, that’s one way to go. We don’t advise it.

Why not get real jobs that you can be proud of, not icky, disgusting housecleaning jobs that gross you out and make you want to quit. For clear steps on how to land good jobs right away, see our business system.

License, Bonding, Insurance

Get this stuff in order, but not before you do anything. Nothing can slow down your momentum faster than sitting in the office of an insurance agency waiting to discuss your future business.

Instead, get your business rolling. Do a job for a relative or a friend. Get your hands dirty. Make a little money. You can do this quickly, not hastily, and then you’ll know the right questions to ask your insurance agent.

By diving in and doing some work in this field, your starting a cleaning business checklist will be easy to put together.

And bear in mind that a checklist is made to be revised. Even if you forget the dish soap and have to return to the store, you can enjoy the watermelon in the meantime.

Here is a house cleaning checklist by professional cleaner Patti Page.

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