Start a green cleaning business

Start a green cleaning business

Going green to clean

Thinking about starting a green cleaning business? You couldn't pick a better time, as people are increasingly becoming aware of the connection between chemical solvents and health hazards. Going green is a popular trend that will only increase as people learn that they do not have to sacrifice their family's health – or the planet's – for a safer, cleaner house.

Precious baby skin vs. harsh chemicals

Babies and kids are among the most vulnerable to exposure because they play, sleep, and crawl across floors. Sampling whatever their little hands happen to touch can drive a mom or dad a bit crazy. But they don't have to put it in their mouth to be affected by it. Many harsh chemicals are absorbed by the skin directly into the blood stream.

On the floor, little ones come into contact with traces of bleach, carpet shampoo, and other common household cleaners. Vomiting and skin irritations may all be indications of illness or allergies triggered by cleaning agents used throughout the house, and commonly found in the bathroom cabinet or beneath the kitchen sink.

Allergies and reactions can be caused by a simple housecleaning with popular cleaning solutions, which can include chemicals such as formaldehyde and hydrochloric acid. These compounds are linked to many conditions from headaches, to severe respiratory problems such as asthma, and cancer.

Your green cleaning business can address these issues and provide a much needed service to potential clients.

Naturally clean

So what are the alternatives to grocery-store cleaning products, and do they honestly work just as well? Many natural cleaning solutions are made of simple ingredients that can be found in the kitchen cupboard. Vinegar has antibacterial qualities, as does lemon juice and baking soda.

Essential oils such as peppermint and sweet orange can be added to a drop or two of gentle dishwashing liquid and water, for a fresh, simple antibacterial cleanser that can be used on the kitchen counter. Rosemary or sage tea mixed with washing soda and diluted with warm water make an effective floor cleaning solution for painted wood floors. There is no end to eco-friendly alternatives that are indeed as effective as the store-bought variety.

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Cost and convenience

Although many cleaning solutions can be concocted in the kitchen from common ingredients, people still hire professionals when they want the job done right. Some natural cleaners cost more than the store brand, but they may last longer and do a more thorough cleansing job. Comparing prices between natural ingredients vs. the store-bought variety is somewhat misleading. How can you make a fair price comparison between a simple housecleaning product made of nontoxic ingredients, and a harsh chemical cleaner that could cause serious health concerns?

Meet the growing green demand

Cleaning company professionals who want to target the growing market of customers who prefer green cleaning can distinguish their service as “green and planet-friendly,” “healthy green cleaning,” "green cleaning business," or any number of other appropriate tags that will signal the right market. Declaring the use of nontoxic, gentle cleansers and employing earth-friendly work-practices such as recycling will help let customers know that they are hiring a cleaning service that fits with their values.

The demand for green cleaning services and healthy cleaning solutions is on the rise. Smart cleaning professionals can take advantage of this growing trend, by marketing their business to eco-aware, health-conscious customers.

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