Start a custodial business

Start a custodial business

The custodial business is one of the most competitive services in the cleaning-business niche. If you choose to get into this business, you will clean commercial buildings such as retail spaces, hospitals, schools, and warehouses. The challenge to find and keep the best-paying contract jobs is heightened by the fact that many of these institutions have been squeezed financially in recent times. That makes the janitorial business competitive, as companies naturally strive to get the best results for their money. However, if you commit to making your service excel, and if you employ smart business systems, this can be an outstanding way to bring in a good, stable income over the years.

Start small

Startup costs are higher for commercial cleaning services, as the jobs often require the use of heavy machinery, and crews with the know-how to operate that equipment. For the reasons already noted and also perhaps because this is a low-tech business that requires little formal education, competition is fierce. A determined startup with a budget for smart marketing can compete with the established custodial services in the area.

A lot of work can be accomplished by a small yet dedicated crew. The classic advice for those interested in getting into the custodial business is to start small. Income needs, business goals, budgets and other factors will help determine the size of the startup. And while it is true that hiring, training, and running teams of crew members will complicate the business, increased opportunities for landing more significant contracts with bigger commercial spaces can result in an excellent income.

Find crew members suited to the job

Workers may create turnover issues as they tend to come and go, in part due to the nature of the work. It can be isolating, yet many types of people enjoy the regular routines.

When hiring crew members, consider whether the applicant would be suited to this particular occupation. Custodial jobs are generally begun after the business for whom they are cleaning has closed for the day. Everyone goes home, then your crew moves in. Enjoying the challenge of working at night or on the weekends takes a certain type of personality. Chatty types with a need for ongoing social interaction, or people pleasers who crave approval for each small effort will probably be dissatisfied with janitorial work. Those who like to clean, are self-directed, or have prior experience are a better functional fit. Some people prefer to work the hours that most people have off. It would even be a good service to run if you are looking for a second income.

Plenty of opportunities

No matter where you live or choose to start up a custodial service, any town or city has an ongoing need for quality cleaning crews. New cleaning-business owner-operators will find a willing pool of potential customers eager to give their service a try. If you are looking for a substantial business to get into, don't get intimidated by the thought of operating heavy machinery, and are fine with working off-hours, then starting up a custodial service may be a great fit for you.

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