Start a commercial
cleaning company

Start a commercial cleaning company

Get down and dirty
Start a commercial cleaning company in your region. Startup costs are low, the work is plentiful, and commercial cleaners contribute a necessary service in cities large and small. There are ongoing opportunities for independent cleaning services wherever you reside. In the past, many organizations kept a janitorial crew on staff, or simply . However, as big businesses face cutbacks, more of them now outsource the cleaning routines. Therefore, opportunities are increasingly open to independent cleaning services who are hired on a sub-contractor basis.

Start small and expand
Commercial cleaning can be started on a small scale and expanded as the business grows. As the owner-operator of your own company, you are free to seek out business with all sorts of commercial spaces. Office buildings and retail spaces are an obvious choice, but there are few limits to the types of commercial buildings where you can securing cleaning-business contracts.

When considering your target market, think of businesses located in strip malls. That may include insurance offices, hobby shops, boutiques, and bookstores. Consider all commercial space in your region, and investigate whether the organizations that occupy those buildings hire cleaning or janitorial subcontractors. Drop off a marketing packet complete with your flyer and business-website address on it. Take care to hand it directly to the person who has the power to hire you. Dress in business-casual, and be friendly and professional in all of your communications. First impressions are not repeatable.

Your clients
Think systemically. What type of cleaning do you want to offer? Find out what the spaces are like. Carpeted or not? Are the companies in your target area industrial warehouses, or small-time manufacturers? Knowing what sort of work is done inside the building will help you determine what type of cleaning equipment you need. You should have a basic cleaning kit that will work for smaller offices and retail stores. You may need a powerful vacuum cleaner if your client's space has special flooring or is carpeted.

Cleaning pays!
Potential annual earnings for commercial cleaning businesses are $50,000+. In some cases your earnings will be much more substantial, depending on the scale and type of organizations you work for. If you are looking at the possibility of cleaning in doctor's offices, schools, or city buildings, find out if there are any licenses or certifications you would need to complete before you were hired. You should be bonded, so your clients can trust you with their keys.

If you are new to running your own business, the commercial cleaning service offers an ideal startup situation. The work is generally done after hours, after the employees have closed shop and gone for the day. You can keep your day job until your cleaning business gets firmly on its feet.

The best part of being self-employed is that you are in charge. You can grow your business as slowly or quickly as you like. Starting out with smaller jobs gives you a chance to test your skills, set up smart systems, gain experience, and begin to establish a professional network that will help you spread your wings into the community where you work. Hone both your cleaning and small-business skills with the smaller jobs and scale up as you gain a sold foundation.

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