Social media and your commercial cleaning business

social media and your commercial cleaning business

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If you want to start a commercial cleaning business, you've got to do a bit of schmoozing. Social media makes it easy. The commercial cleaning service is a competitive industry. Simply landing a single contract can shoot you into a higher tax bracket.

So where to begin? There are so many places to be. A bit of foresight, planning and systematizing can save you from getting overwhelmed. Apply yourself consistently and with commitment.

Establish your company's web presence. Post consistently. Keep your posts focused on your service. It's critical for a commercial cleaning business to have a professional website. New customers find you online so your website has to catch and hold their attention. You want to keep them there long enough to give them an accurate and positive impression of your service. Who you are and what you do. Anticipate customers' questions when writing the content on your site, and answer them. If your content lacks the right information, is poorly written, or is riddled with typos, you will lose business.

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Then connect with your followers on a company Facebook page, get on Twitter and LinkedIn. Pinterest is another good platform for sharing relevant photos, flow charts, and useful tips. Social media is all about getting the word out in sound bites. It can be overwhelming, when you think about all the places on the web where you “should” be.

Use this trick, which company CEOs use to save time: Craft your tweets and posts in bulk. How? Sit at your keyboard and write rough drafts, twenty or thirty of them, in one sitting.

Then, revise each one as you post it. Post over a period of time. Whether you post them over a 24 hour period, or a thirty-day span, it doesn't matter much. Consistency is the key. It's your choice how much and how often to send messages. Just commit to a regular schedule and stick with it.

In your posts and tweets, be generous with information. Use a kindhearted tone. Bear in mind, your followers don't need to know your political beliefs or see pictures of your cat. Social media can easily go off target. Offer helpful tips. Don't overwhelm followers with promotional messages. Be as generous and kindhearted as you can be. Keep your posts upbeat and useful and stick to your focus, and you'll consistently gain followers.

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Presenting a high-quality, professional appearance is more important than ever. You've got competition, so it's worth your while to show that your company is the best. To compete, your website has to be optimized for the search engines. You want your customers – people searching for a commercial cleaning service in your area – to find you first. Don't skimp on quality. Your business website is one of your best assets. It will be advertising your service every minute of every day.

Advertising your cleaning service through conventional means can also be a worthwhile investment. But your website will stand as the central focus of your commercial cleaning business's online presence. All your ads and social media will point your customer back to your website. Schmooze on!

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