Start a cleaning business from scratch

Start a cleaning business from scratch

How easy is it to start a cleaning business from scratch?

If you are like most self-employed people, you are highly motivated to get rolling. Having an independent income stream gives you freedom. Freedom from stress. Freedom to pay the bills without worry.

Freedom from the limits imposed by having a job. Freedom to write your own ticket for success.

However, you need good systems to achieve your goals. A good startup support service can show you how to set up your systems from the start.

Working for yourself means you are your own boss, right?

Yes it does.

And so, you decide what to charge for your service?

Yes, within reasonable limits. A good start up service will teach you how to set your fees. And when you’re starting the business from scratch, you will reinvest your profits in supplies and marketing to grow your business quickly.

And you choose your own schedule?

Yes, and it is wise to be flexible at first. Give your customers what they want, as much as you can. Let them see how your service benefits them.

As the boss, you negotiate your fee and choose your own hours. You run the entire show!

Except for one significant detail.

Who benefits most from
your cleaning business?

You and I know that the benefit is yours. Cleaning is a service that allows you to make a good living while steering your own ship to success.

However, your customers are the passengers on your ship. They expect a luxury cruise, and you’ll be glad to give it to them.

Why? Because they write the check or swipe the card that deposits the cash into your account.

It’s a good deal for you both. So remember, the customer is the VIP onboard.

They are not the boss, however, they are always the first person to keep in mind when it comes to making decisions that drive the success of your service.

You will have a number of customers. All are paying for your service. And if your service is excellent, they will pay you well. Very well.

Because your cleaning service is worth its weight in gold.

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How to make a customer loyal for life

Cleaning is not rocket science. Give your customers the best service available, and they will not want to lose you.

Your customers might have already tried the competition. They may already know that the “other guy” is not up to snuff.

If you’re doing your best, I can almost guarantee that you will out-service and outshine the competition.

Your customers know how precious a good cleaning crew is. Make yours a professional, pleasant, hassle-free experience, and they will continue to pay you on a regular basis.

And they’ll do something else, even better.

Your customers grow your business

In addition to giving you repeat business, steady work, and valuable experience, your customers will help you grow your business by referring new customers.

And that’s how to grow your cleaning business from scratch.

Which is what you plan to do if you don’t have a lot of capitol on hand.

You can wake up each day knowing that there really are no limits. You make it happen through your own creativity, determination, and effort.

That means you are willing to market your service.

Spread the word in your neighborhood

Make it easy for people to see how they would benefit from your service.

The more people who know your service starting your cleaning business will be quick and easy. Tell everybody you know.

And especially tell the people who live in your target area. Learn about free online marketing to land nearby business.

You can spend a lot of time learning exactly how to market online, or you can enlist the help of someone who already know how to do that while you focus on starting your business and earning money.

A good startup business service will be able to show you how to market your cleaning service online, step-by-step.

In the beginning, “marketing” can be as simple as telling everyone you know about your service. Ask for leads. As your business grows, your marketing plan will change. With a little creativity, your startup service will grow quickly.

It’s fairly easy to start a cleaning business from scratch. It’s a numbers game. The more people you ask for leads, the greater the odds of getting hired. Once you have a few cleaning jobs under your belt, it’s easier to get more.

The types of jobs you take in the beginning may not be the type you ultimately aim for. Soldier on. These first jobs open the doors to greater paying jobs. Again, a good startup business support system can show you how.

Achieve your goals!

With good systems you can do it, even when starting a cleaning service from scratch.

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