Start a Carpet Cleaning Business

Start a carpet cleaning business of your own.

Steady workflow and unlimited income potential

Start a carpet cleaning business and make an excellent living. For the proactive business owner, carpet-cleaning can provide a steady flow of reliable and interesting work. New technologies continue to make this one of the most profitable types of cleaning businesses to run. Getting into the carpet cleaning business is relatively simple. Higher education is not necessary unless you will be assuming a managerial position – just training on the particular equipment.

You will need some guidelines to follow, and should learn about administration of the business. A motivated person or team can make a very good living simply employing basic marketing and bookkeeping skills, along with interpersonal skills for relating with customers, co-workers, and employees.

Equipment costs depend on service offered

Start-up costs can be minimal, but before calculating your expenditures, learn about the types of equipment called for with each sort of cleaning. The cost of equipment will depend on the type of service you offer. For example, your service may invest in more costly truck-mounted machines that are powerful enough for extreme industrial-cleaning jobs, or emergency clean-up after flooding or fire. Or you may simply want to work cleaning carpet in homes and offices. The residential level will require less expensive equipment.

Carpet cleaning equipment is evolving, just as other technical industries. More powerful shampooing machines are available, higher quality shampoos, and better drying agents that will leave carpet cleaner for longer.

How to start a
carpet cleaning business

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Guidelines to follow

Franchise carpet cleaning systems are exceedingly costly, and getting locked into a franchise commitment can have too many downsides. The only real benefit offered is name-brand recognition. However, this can quickly turn into a liability if the franchise develops a bad reputation for any reason. In addition, name-brand recognition does not have the appeal it once did. Consumers now go directly online first to search for a carpet cleaning service. As an independent operation you would have the edge there, with our systems to guide you.

In contrast to buying into an expensive franchise, starting your own carpet cleaning company is much less costly, and the liberty to run it the way you choose is a self-evident benefit. With guidelines to follow, a vigorous, healthy business reputation can be easily established online.

You will need to choose which type of carpet cleaning services to start. Typically, homeowners do not require carpet cleaning as often as they need regular housecleaning. It is best to accumulate a long list of clients. That way, homes or businesses served can receive a cleaning on a rotation basis, and you will stay busy working full-time, year round.

In your marketing campaigns and on your website, focus on targeting retail businesses and commercial spaces that require frequent cleaning and maintenance. It is reasonable to have customers with both residential and commercial carpet cleaning needs. The equipment to clean both residential and commercial carpeting is not much different and most carpet cleaning businesses will routinely take care of both types of clients.

Start a carpet cleaning business.

Big demand, genuine job security

Many homes and office buildings built since the 1960s are fitted with wall-to-wall carpeting. Carpet cleaning is an essential or basic ongoing need, which bodes well for cleaning professionals regardless of the general economic climate.

Replacement costs inspire homeowners and building managers with carpet to make their investment last as long as possible. As we all know, carpet installation is a sizable investment. Having carpets cleaned regularly protects and maintains this investment.

Recession proof

Maintenance also makes sense from a health perspective.
Carpets collect dirt, gravel, and bacteria from shoes, which regular vacuuming will not completely remove. This grime, although minuscule, can act as sandpaper and must be occasionally and thoroughly washed away, or it can beat down and hasten the life of the fiber as well as the underlying padding. In addition, many carpet manufacturers will only honor their guarantees for the life of their product if it has been regularly maintained.

Step-by-step marketing

A strong marketing campaign is crucial when starting a carpet cleaning business. Word of mouth is very powerful advertising and can make a big difference in establishing your business in the start-up phase, so delivering excellent customer service is important. You will need a marketing plan that is sophisticated and contemporary, taking advantage of all of the high-tech tools available to promote your start-up. We give you step-by-step guidance in utilizing the Internet to its full potential, as well as other, more traditional (and low tech) forms of advertising. 

No special education necessary

Aside from learning how to operate specific cleaning machines, carpet cleaning doesn't take special education or experience. And yet, you will need to project a professional and knowledgeable persona when dealing with customers. The actual carpet cleaning is not the difficult part of running this particular business. Rather, it is having the business skills and appropriate tools to succeed.

Be your own boss and set your own hours.

Start a carpet cleaning business and set your own hours! With a carpet cleaning business, you can be in charge of your own hours to a great extent, take off time when you want to, work as close to home as you want, choose the people you work with and be in charge of your own financial future.

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