Setting up a cleaning business

Setting up a cleaning business

Setting up a cleaning business is one of the best ways to start working for yourself. When I ran my own cleaning business I didn't have much money to start-up. Turns out it really didn't matter much. I found that people are more than glad to pay for help to do the cleaning they don't want to do themselves. And you know something? They'll even lend you their equipment for your housecleaning business! I set up my own cleaning business without even owning a vacuum cleaner. You can use your customer's cleaning supplies. You can even start up a residential cleaning cleaning business, or a window washing business in your own neighborhood or in a location near enough so you don't even need a car.

Think about how to give cleaning tips to your neighbors. Make a friendly flyer with your own special cleaning tips. It was easy to set up my own cleaning business because I wrote cleaning tips and recipes on my flyers and hung them on peoples' doors. Why not set up your own cleaning business in this way? People love getting new ideas for cleaning and you can start to establish yourself as an expert housekeeper that way.

Think how nice it is to receive a flyer that has a helpful recipe or cleaning suggestion. People will often decide right on the spot to give you a call, because you showed a little ingenuity and flair. You have to remember that people want to hire you, they just don't know who you are yet! They want you to convince them that you are the best cleaner for their home or company. Commercial cleaning works this way just as well. You can easily translate that flyer into one that would be appropriate for office cleaning too.

Setting up your own cleaning business isn't brain surgery. You can establish your business by cleaning for friends and neighbors first, people at church, your friends at school, your friends' friends and other people you know. Then ask those people to write a testimony or recommendation, and put that in quotes on your flyer. People want to hire cleaners who other people trust. Getting cleaning work was easier than I ever dreamed it would be. I just had to go out and find it myself, and before I knew it, I was running my own residential cleaning business.

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