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house cleaning is an excellent self employment idea

One of the best self employment ideas is starting a cleaning business. You can start it on a shoestring. You can get started for under $100, which included the price of marketing and supplies. Historically, it is one of the best small business ideas because it is so cheap to start and so fast. The cleaning business has scalability, you can keep it small and make great money or grow it as big as you want.

You can work part time if you want to get started. You can build your cleaning service organically at the pace that works best for you. You can work alone, with a partner or employ crews once you have grown big enough. You can work close to home and not have greatly reduce your commute to work. You can be your own boss and take charge of your schedule.

Your cleaning business can provide you with financial security even in a recession. There is always big demand and you will work for one client an average of 20+ times a year. One of the reasons why professional cleaning is one the best self employment ideas is that you get a lot of profit out of each client, because of the constant recurring nature of the business. This also means you get a huge return on your marketing efforts too.

Do you think cleaning is hard? It's nowhere near as hard as working for peanuts for someone else who strips you of your time and energy! You'll make great money in such a little amount of time that you'll wonder why more people aren't starting a cleaning businesses. The fact is, they are! That's because the cleaning business is one of the most successful and lucrative self employment ideas you'll find. It is constantly ranked in the top 10 of all business start ups.

You can start a cleaning business and be making up to $30+ an hour just in a few weeks. Try a cleaning service business if you're considering various self employment ideas and you want to earn good money immediately and with very little training.

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starting your cleaning business.

Cleaning is one of the best self employment ideas.

Here's why:

  • You can start a cleaning business on a shoestring.
  • You can be making up to $50 an hour right away.
  • You can grow your business organically.
  • Cleaning is a recession proof business.
  • When you're willing to do that which others are not, you'll always have more than enough work!

You could put yourself through school while cleaning houses. So even if you have bigger ambitions, you still could benefit from this particular self employment idea as a catalyst to your skilled career. To learn all of the benefits of starting a cleaning business please read our home page.

Learn why starting a cleaning business is one of the best self employment ideas around

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