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Learn how the Clean Up Now System saves you time and money with your new cleaning business.

Save money...

Online Advertising

Best Website Practices

Social Media Integration

Search Engine Optimization

Learn how to use the Internet, online advertising and social media to launch and grow your cleaning business.

Total Value: $1,000

using press releases with your cleaning service

Press Releases

3 editable press releases are included with the Clean Up Now System.

A press release of this quality will cost you around $500. Suzanne wrote press releases professionally for years and it is a special skill that requires training. This is a very powerful tool for launching your new business and very few start-ups do it! 

Total Value: $1,500

Cleaning company marketing & strategy

Marketing Designs

The marketing designs for your flyers, brochures and business cards are included too. They will match your business website design.

Total Value: $500

Cleaning service contracts

Contracts and Forms

All the forms, worksheets, and contracts needed are included. There are over 50 different documents. They are editable to tailor to your specific business.

Total Value: $250

Total Business Cost Savings

Over $3,000!

Save time...

How the Clean Up Now System saves you time.

Cleaning business Quick Start Guide

Quick Start Guide

The Quick Start Guide walks you through the start up process and is designed to get your business launched legally in less than 2 weeks. It will teach you the correct work order and which tasks can be multi-tasked to save you weeks on your start up!

Cleaning up with your own cleaning company

All Cleaning Niches

Every cleaning niche is covered including residential, office, commercial, window, carpet, move in/out, post-construction, retail and green cleaning. You can specialize in one service, add in more services as you grow or even switch services based on market needs.

How to find success with your cleaning business

Step by Step Action Plans

We tell you exactly what to do, how to to do it and when. Every aspect of the business has an associated action plan. This will save you thousands of hours of guesswork and trial and error. 

The single biggest threat to your success is the impulse to improvise. Study after study has shown that having a proven road map to follow increases your odds of success threefold!

Cleaning service business advice blog

Advice Blog

Since 2004 we have documented every issue that has come up for our clients in the advice blog. Search it for the exact answer you need while on the job. This will not only save you time, it will save you from making a costly mistake!

How to plan your cleaning business

Avoid Pitfalls

We detail every obstacle that you are likely to encounter. We have over 22 years of experience helping thousands of cleaning startups. We know what the obstacles are and teach you how to avoid them. This will save you months of hardship over the life of your business. This is the main reason that so many established cleaning businesses use the Clean Up Now System.

Learn how to clean with these videos

Instructional Videos

Don't know how to clean? Watch these videos and learn.  You will be confident you know what to do in every professional situation.

The Clean Up Now System will save you thousands both in time and money and we can prove it. You will see the evidence for yourself the instant you log into your account.

We have been evolving this business system since 2004 and we will continue to do so far into the future. This business system evolves as you grow your cleaning business into a money making machine!

Every tool & tactic you need to start a cleaning business

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