Run your own cleaning service

Run your own cleaning service

Wants to start your own business? Think about running your own cleaning service. Gain control over your schedule and your earnings, say goodbye to having a boss, increase your independence, and enjoy the freedom you dream of to pursue your life goals. Many who enter the cleaning business are initially surprised at the amount of money that can be made. This might be one of the industry's best kept secrets. Running your cleaning service might mean that you work full or part-time, or you might only operate on a seasonal basis, depending on your location and your business goals.

Regular cleanings are a priority for most homeowners and property managers. The cost of maintenance is minimal compared to repairs and property replacement. Cleaning pros can enter the field from one or more multiple angles. For example, you might focus on housecleaning during the set-up phase, then once your company is up and running, you could add additional services such as interior auto-cleaning, window cleaning, or other related services that your clients need. Running a cleaning business can bring in a vigorous income, and in most cases calls for low startup costs, especially if you plan to run a residential cleaning service.

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If you are the type of person that likes to get the “big picture,” look at the pros and cons of running a cleaning service from the following main areas of concern:

1. Your goals for both short term and long term, your personality type and general opinion of the cleaning service. Your thoughts and ideas about what it will be like to work for yourself. Also consider what your vision for the future of your service might be. Do you plan to run the business for at least a year, or longer, say five to seven years? Longer? Of course, your idea of what the business will look like will change and adjust to circumstances as you go, but shaping your cleaning business plan will be easier at this point, if you can articulate some of your expectations. Examine some of your assumptions about the business. This will help you get traction.

2. Your local community, the culture in which you live and work. This includes the cleaning-job opportunities that can result naturally from letting your friends, family connections, and the various groups with which you associate all know about your new cleaning service. Realize that all of your local associations, your schools, church groups, gym buddies, and sports teams, are filled with potential connections with whom you share common values. Figure out who your target market is, and network with these central connections. You never know who knows who, and as a solopreneur, you should always have marketing on your mind.

3. The “functional fit” of your cleaning service in your community. Give some thought to your unique angle on the service. How will your cleaning business distinguish itself and rise above the competition? You might plan to specialize in house or office cleaning, carpet, or window cleaning, just to name a few. The field of cleaning professionals is wide open, limited only by your imagination and the restrictions of your particular town.

You might want to create your own niche by focusing on automobile and van-cleaning. Exteriors of houses need cleaning too, and with the right tools you could offer pressure washing. Observe the behavior of property owners as the seasons change in your area. How do changes in the weather affect homeowners' interest in exterior cleaning?

How road-friendly is your city or town? Is it going to be a cinch to get around, or does the infrastructure pose a challenge? You may happen to reside in a densely populated urban locale with well-maintained public transportation. On the other end of the spectrum, your hometown might be desperately in need of an updated bus system, pothole repair and new traffic lights. Success in reaching your goals in part depends on living and working in a somewhat reasonably well-designed location, where traveling to and from your cleaning jobs is not a chore.

Your city's roads might at first seem like a trivial consideration. But the reality is that driving to and from each job takes time, which you will figure into your workday. If you live outside the city or in a rural area, and have to travel everyday for work, that will take a chunk of time out of your potential working hours each week. Think about the neighborhoods you prefer to work in, and make that your target market. Make it convenient so that it contributes to your cleaning service success.

4. Finally, consider all of your job-related items – the tangible stuff. This includes your cleaning solutions, tools and equipment, your vehicle, any upfront funding if necessary, any required licensing or certification, bonding, insurance, as well as material related to your marketing plan such as your computer and business website, cell phone, flyers and business cards, and other material such as magnetic signs for your vehicle.

Running your own cleaning service is a great idea. It will help create security both in the short and long term. Janitorial or maintenance services always do well no matter what state the economy is in, because caring for investments will always be a priority for property owners.


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