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Residential cleaning business system

Use a residential cleaning business system that is relevant to the current evolving business landscape.

The business world five years ago would almost be unrecognizable today. In the past five years Facebook, Linked-In, Youtube, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and others have risen in the ranks and now hold impressive places in business and communications. These services are no fad. A story in recent consumer news proves that Twitter is trending. Adult use of Twitter, claims the article, has doubled this year from May to June.

Many residential cleaning professionals think these services are fads and not essential tools for the low-tech, old-school cleaning service. That judgement could be a costly mistake. As these business marketing tools get more and more standardized and widely adopted, potential clients will use them to vet any new service they use. If your company does not make use of these sites and services, customers may assume you are hiding something.

If you are somewhat reluctant to branch out and include more of the tech realm in your business, it may be that you haven’t considered how effective these new services are.

Recent advancements in mobile tools can help a cleaning company reduce costs and improve the bottom line. There is a whole new world in business tools including iPhone and iPad apps that are designed for accounting, scheduling, marketing, order processing, and more. There are also free business tools from Google for laptop or desktop use. These tools are a huge help when starting your cleaning business.

One of the nicest things about residential cleaning service is that you are on your own much of the day. It’s easy to run your business using your mobile device while you’re in the field. This is a huge advantage over a few years ago, when you had only the evening hours to follow up and place customer call-backs after work. Calls can be placed easily and quickly between jobs.

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Using current technology you can create services that are fast and tailored to people’s real-time needs. Focus on emergency cleaning situations by monitoring or creating Facebook and/or Google ads targeted toward people that may need a emergency cleaning. This type of cleaning, the at-the-last-minute type, is more common than you might think.

“I wish I’d known about you last week. I had to have my whole house cleaned fast for my son’s birthday party.”

I heard that comment or something similar at least once a month, and practically every time I got a new client. Make yourself available for these last minute calls by integrating technology effectively into your routine. You can increase your monthly income dramatically.

Real-time technology can help you target and cater to social events. Is prom time coming up? Run prom specials. Back to school? Offer a September deal associated with going back to school. Do not create sales only around the major holidays. In fact, those are best left alone. Don’t even bother. People are so bombarded with adverts on the 4th of July and Memorial Day that they’ve grown immune to gigantic, super holiday sales events.

Instead, focus on specific events that happen annually. Think locally. When do people around your area really want and need their home cleaned? Keep an eye out for local events and offer special deals that piggyback on them. Does your town host annual residential garden tours or other small or regional celebrations?

Opportunities for cleaning jobs:

  • Prom
  • Graduation
  • Easter dinner
  • Mardi gras parties
  • Halloween parties

...or events that are seasonal:

  • Pool parties
  • Ice skating
  • Spring cleanup
  • Fall cleanup

Localized events --
What events are popular in your community?

Our hometown hosts several lively localized festivals every year. Garden tours, art studio tours, tree-planting days. Neighbors often host parties during these events. Look for similar opportunities where you live. Perhaps local neighborhoods have adopted a nearby street and is promoting regular cleanup days. Ours does this about four times a year, once per season. Offering your customers a special deal associated with these events, parties and festivals also positions your cleaning company as an integral part of the community. Networking and connections are increasingly easier as your name becomes a fixture in the region. Local events can help inject your company with regular income boosts.

College football season is an eventful time in many regions, and people host parties and gatherings to support their team. Pitch them on tidying up either before, after, or both. Show your team spirit. This will impress many people and give you common ground for connection. They may begin to wonder why their current cleaner does not have the spirit!

All of these localized and seasonal community events can be tracked using real-time social technology. You can advertise directly on Facebook to reach people in your area. Research popular events in your area, as well.

It pays to make an effort to evolve along with current technology as you establish a residential cleaning business system. Keep your company tuned-in and relevant in a changing business landscape.

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