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One excellent way to increase your cleaning business profits is to offer an organizing service. A lot of people are downsizing or asking themselves when “enough stuff” is just too much? We all get frustrated when we can't easily find what we need. You may be searching for a measuring tape, or Scotch tape, but if all you can find is a nest of rubber bands and pens that don't work, that drawer needs clutter busting. We're all familiar with TMI, but what about TMS – Too Much Stuff?

Professional organizers offer a valuable skill. They specialize in de-cluttering everything from junk-drawer ingredients to electronically filed income taxes. They can help organize real, tangible items in households and offices, such as the ingredients of the filing cabinets, closets, cupboards, and drawers, and some organizing services may specialize in cleaning up and sorting computer files. These may include online accounts, household receipts, financial spreadsheets, and medical records. These can be both physical files and files that live in the clouds. As our culture grows increasingly comfortable filing all sorts of information electronically vs. physically, new skills are needed to organize those files.

Let's say you are eager to expand the types of cleaning services you offer. You have developed organizational skills, and you want to take the next step. Add this skill to the list on your professional cleaning website, for starters. In fact, offer pro-organizing tips for your customers. Folks will appreciate your advice, and the tips are not only useful and timely, they communicate your abilities and knowledge. Tell every one of your customers that you offer organization services in addition to your cleaning service. Spread the word on social media, list it on your flyer. It may also be a good idea to make a separate flyer – with your friendly organization tips included – and advertise your organizing service on its own.

You might be surprised at how many people are looking for help in this area. Busy working parents and professionals who simply lack time, but must stay organized. Any homeowner who has moved recently – or is about to – or even people who not moved for decades. Boomers downsizing from a large home to smaller digs. People whose office is in their home. Someone who has recently inherited an estate belonging to their parents or a relative who passed on. You truly “can't take it with you,” which means it must go somewhere.

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The service of “organization” covers a lot of ground. It's all about de-cluttering, coordinating, and/or systemizing things. To some, this skill comes naturally, but plenty of people are lousy at it. And we are all busy. Papers have a way of piling up and incrementally getting out-of-hand. A typical filing cabinet can hold around 18,000 pages. That is a valuable amount of real estate inside any home or office, so saving those papers had better be important, or they should be tossed into the round file. Or better yet, the shredder! Clients will appreciate your judicial use of a paper shredder. Why not provide a shredding and recycling service along with your organization and cleaning skills? Do so, and make yourself invaluable. Basically, think of ways to save your customers time and effort. This is a rule-of-thumb to follow in keeping your edge over the competition.

Clutter-busting has benefits beyond the increased paycheck, which is very nice indeed. Adding a professional organizing service to your list of skills can help add color and variety to your workday. Free your customers of TMS, and reap the rewards of creating a more secure and more valuable cleaning business.

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