Opening a cleaning business

opening a cleaning business

Opening a cleaning business may be a good idea if you value having control over your work life. Control over your schedule is one compelling reason to work for yourself. Have you ever been put in a bind because you had to leave work to deal with an emergency at home? It's the classic working-person's dilemma: How can you be in two places at once? Imagine having the freedom to set your own hours, so that whenever you need or want it, you can take time off. Guilt-free!

If you are thinking about starting up a cleaning company, consider your inner clock. Self-employed people have the freedom to tailor their schedule to fit their natural inclinations. Are you a morning person who jumps out of bed feeling energized? Morning people prefer to take care of business early in the day. As evening approaches, their energy and willingness to focus on work starts to fade.

You might be the opposite type, like me – a night-owl. Night people are slow to start the day, but as the evening approaches we grow more energized. We prefer to stay up long past dark, sleep in, and start work later in the day. Our productive hours peak later in the day, or even during the night.

People tend to be one or the other – a morning or a night person, but one is not better than the other. Working for yourself means that you get to choose what works best for you. They tend to be happier and more productive than people whose working hours are dictated by their boss or company. What's more, others can easily sense when someone is at their best. Customers are more likely to respond positively to you when you are in the flow. All of this adds up to the likelihood of gaining more cleaning jobs, and earning increased pay.

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Having control over your schedule equates to having more dignity and less guilt. People who work for a company are often made to feel guilty if circumstances force them to skip out early, or take off a day of work. Corporate culture rarely allows for unforeseen events, such as last-minute changes in childcare, or any other perfectly legitimate reason that one might need flexible hours.

Self-employed people are reported to have more overall job satisfaction than others. We put a high value on the freedom and dignity that accompany the responsibility of being our own boss. The cleaning business is a wonderful way for someone to enter into self-employment in a relatively easy way.

Opening a cleaning business is easy with the right tools – and I'm not just talking about having a good vacuum cleaner. It also takes a bit of tech-savvy to market your service directly to the people you really want to work for. With expert help to get you started, and a professional website, you can be independent and quickly grow a service that is financially rewarding, and very satisfying in many intangible ways. In addition, consider the value of starting a cleaning service in your particular part of town, or near your home. In that way, you gain even greater flexibility and control over your schedule, as you won't be wasting valuable time in the car simply getting to your jobs.

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