Open a Janitorial Service

Open a janitorial service.

What are the advantages of opening a janitorial service instead of a house cleaning business? First, let's define our terms. Housecleaning is a type of janitorial service. Yet when most people use the term “janitor,” they're not referring to the housecleaner.

Janitorial services contract to clean and maintain public or commercial buildings. Janitors may be independent contractors or employed on staff. They work at hospitals, medical centers, schools, universities, libraries, and government buildings. In the USA, these organizations must meet sanitation standards regulated by law.

If heavy-duty cleaning equipment appeals to you, a janitorial service may be your goal. Janitorial teams must have the equipment necessary to sanitize commercial kitchens or factory floors. Industrial cleaning also requires having the appropriate vehicles to handle that sort of machinery.

Housecleaners may be constrained by distance. Travel between jobs can eat up precious hours. Janitorial services benefit by doing the bulk of their jobs within one area. This might be a single school district, business park, or shopping mall.

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A commercial janitorial service has one essential advantage over house cleaners: the money. Due to the larger scale, earnings are higher in commercial cleaning. But it can take years to get the experience needed just to get in the door of big companies. It can also be frustrating to discover that the institutions you want to work for do not outsource their janitorial needs. Residential cleaning is simpler, much quicker and easier to start. But earnings are less and cap out lower than commercial cleaning.

A typical progression for the evolution of a cleaning business is to start out in residential cleaning. Learning the ropes will give you the experience you need to run a larger service where the processes are more complex. Once you establish a basic foundation, it's time to phase into cleaning small offices. Next, phase into small commercial and/or production spaces. The business can then scale-up and handle larger commercial contracts. Each phase may need more equipment, and your staff will need new training on the equipment.

The time it takes to scale-up a cleaning business is up to you, as the owner. You might decide to develop your cleaning service into a janitorial service right from the start. In this case, you would commit to scaling-up every new job or so. Growing a business is a dynamic process with many variables. Set clear goals. Commit to keep learning about the next steps. In this way, your business will flourish at each level.

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