Office Cleaning Job

pros and cons of office cleaning job

Pros and cons of an office cleaning job.

The world of professional cleaning changes slowly, with only a short and shallow learning curve. If you are not the type that likes to try and keep up with a lot of complicated technology trends and demands, this may be an excellent career choice. The janitorial trade has not changed much in the western world in the last 100 years. You sweep, mop, dust and straighten up! That’s still the case. Without doubt, commercial cleaning is lucrative, stable, secure and always in demand.

What are the pros and cons of an office cleaning job?

Pros --

  • flexible hours, can work at odd times
  • Good hourly pay
  • Long contracts - could last for years
  • Crews do the actual cleaning, you just manage your business
  • Not in people’s homes
  • Slow to change - simple technology

For many people, these pros are actually cons. Depending on your individual lifestyle choices and opportunities, you may find that pros for other people are in reality, cons for you. And vice versa.

Many people actually prefer to work in the evening and during the night. Commercial cleaning of manufacturing facilities may be a good option. Bear in mind that you will have to market your janitorial service during regular hours. As the business owner, you will likely (at some point) be managing and not doing the actual cleaning, so you will be working 9 - 5, Monday through Friday.

Many people start an office cleaning business cleaning solo. As the business grows they become more of a manager, promoter and customer service representative. Understandably, they may discover that they do not like to play those roles as much as they prefer the role of doing the actual cleaning. Suddenly they find they have to work regular hours, dress normal and drive at normal traffic hours. But this is not why they got into the commercial office cleaning trade as a job. As your business grows, your role and situation will change. Most professionals agree that it is vital to consider this beforehand.

Cons --

  • Must work odd hours, even during the night
  • Must manage crews, not do the cleaning yourself
  • Can be challenging to get enough good contracts
  • Liability of property security

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Would you rather do the cleaning yourself, or would you rather simply run the business?

The downside to doing all the office cleaning yourself is that you are going to max out your income. To get beyond that limit you will have to hire and run crews. There are two issues with this.

1 - You will have to transition your office cleaning job into a different model. This can be very difficult to achieve, often resulting in losses for a stretch of time.

2 - Your job as owner switches from being a service provider to acting as the business owner whose sole focus is on managing and promoting your business. For some this transition is a relief and well-deserved. For others, it comes as a surprise and they think it's a drag overall compared to working by themselves.

You may be a great cleaning tech, but you may not be good at promoting or managing another worker or a team of cleaners. Cleaning well and managing well, demand very different skills. Of course you can hire people to do one or the other of these things, which would add complexity and stress. Bigger is not always better.

Pondering the pros and cons of an office cleaning job is healthy to do in advance. Understand what you are getting into. Consider the type of work that is a good functional fit for you, before it is too late to make any big changes.

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