Office cleaning business tips

Office cleaning business tips

You need a plan

The scope and size of your office cleaning business will determine whether or not you will need to secure any upfront financing from a lending institution. One great thing about the small office-cleaning business niche is that not much is needed in the way of start-up capitol. You can get up and running for around $200 if you know how. However, it is not recommended that you skip the stage where you map out a business plan.

A vital business plan will give you a remarkable advantage and help achieve the following:

  • Helps to clarify your vision from the start & inspires continuity
  • Determines whether your services have sufficient market interest
  • Provides an estimate of your start up costs & running capital
  • Gains the interest of business investors and banks
  • Defines target market and how best to serve it
  • Mitigates risk through adjustable, real-time planning
  • Determines market value of business

If your intention is to launch at a much bigger scale, a proper business plan will be required to facilitate your communications with banks and venture capitalists.

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You need a marketing strategy

A business without a marketing strategy is not really a business! You must be prepared and able to advertise your business to your target market. Sure, there are instances where a business is grown organically, over the course of time, simply through word of mouth, but you are not building custom guitars. You are a business-service provider and it is not feasible, nor is it in your best interest, to wait around until your business becomes profitable. You need a plan to get out into the market, and to win contracts in that market. To that end, you need a plan that facilitates the following means of advertising:

  • Social media
  • Search marketing
  • Local real-world media marketing
  • Direct marketing
  • Word of mouth
  • Referrals

You need a business website

A professional-looking website for your office cleaning business is a requirement. Everyone expects it of a modern business. In fact, consumers now tend to suspect something is fishy about a service business that does not maintain a website.

The ace up your sleeve: Your USP

In a crowded market, your task is to set your office-cleaning business apart from the competition. What distinguishes your service from all the rest? What can you offer to your clients that is exceptional and/or unique? When you determine what that special ingredient is, emphasize it and market it to your customers. This unique service proposition (USP) is your winning card. Actively compare yourself with your top competitors and show how you surpass them in every way.

Craft your USP into a mission statement that doubles as a business slogan. Maybe your business excels in green cleaning techniques and healthy environments. Show a direct comparison between the healthy results of your cleaning techniques and the toxic ones of the top competitors.

You need a system for growth

You have to be able to scale up, or expand, your service over time in ways that do not stress the structural function of your business. Many businesses are not designed to grow past a certain point. This often means that a crises point is reached, when growth occurs beyond the scope and ability of that structure. As a solo cleaner your service will max out at two jobs per day, and you will need to hire crews. But a cleaning business with a crew is a much different model than a solo service. How would you make that transition? You need a plan that is designed for ease in scaling up, preferably, that plan should be in place from the very start of the business.

To operate smoothly and successfully, an office cleaning business has to function well on many levels, not just on the level of delivering excellent service. These office-cleaning tips will go a long way to help you prepare for many levels of success.

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