Office cleaning business Planning

office cleaning business planning

When planning your office cleaning service business it is important to decide if you will only offer office cleaning services or offer other cleaning services such as residential or carpet cleaning.

An office cleaning business is not as quick to launch and as easy to promote as a residential cleaning service, for that reason, many start out in home cleaning and then add in small offices and then make the switch over to full-time commercial cleaning after 2 years or so. It just depends on how much startup money you have to invest and how long you can go without cash flow. Most offices want to see at least 2 years of experience and a list of references. It can be much easier to get your foot in the door with residential cleaning.

Types of office cleaning

Will you only clean white collar offices or do other commercial cleaning jobs such as small production facilities, retail spaces, shipping, and warehousing? You can start out with small offices and scale up to larger jobs that require services such as floor polishing and janitorial supply replacement.

Often times you will find that you can also offer services such as post construction clean up or move in / move out cleaning along with the office cleanup.

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Office Cleaning Business Plan

You will need an office cleaning business checklist or even better a cleaning service business system to follow while starting your commercial cleaning service. Making it up as you go is a great way to go out of business in the first month! I have seen it many times. In this day of social media, it can be devastating to start out the wrong way with your cleaning company.

Office Cleaning Skills

Office cleaners need a different set of skills than residential cleaners. You are dealing with cubicles not bedrooms and public bathrooms not private. Office cleaning equipment can vary as well compared to residential cleaning. You may need a floor polisher and different cleaning solutions that are more appropriate for commercial tasks than residential.

Unique Selling Proposition

Your office cleaning company will want to distinguish itself from the competition and create a demand for the high-end services you want to offer. Do not run in the race to the bottom for the cheapest price, convince your clients they want the premium service.

Office cleaning business planning is important for the launch and long-term health of your business. Get it right and you will grow quickly and make an excellent living, get it wrong it is over.

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