New and old ways to promote your cleaning business

Promote your cleaning business

Promoting your cleaning business can seem daunting, with so many different tactics to use and paths to choose from, which ones are the best bet for a new cleaning business?

Online (The Digital)
 There are new tech tools to use with your business coming “online” on a daily basis. Just this month I have added Alignable to the list of worthwhile online tools that you can use to promote your cleaning service business. In years past LinkedIn was all the rage and every purposeful business person was encouraged to be on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is actually a good online tool for your cleaning service.

Some of the recent “game changing” tools include:

  • Search Engines
  • Pay Per Click Ads
  • Social Media
  • Aggregators (Twitter)
  • Smart Phones and Business Apps
  • Image Compilers (Instagram, Pinterest)

There is no doubt that these tools are new and exciting and have real potential for your business and they should be integrated with your real-world marketing efforts, just do not make the mistake of thinking of them as shortcuts or substitutes for tried and true organic processes such as in-person networking or direct marketing.

In regards to your cleaning business, you will want to be found online easily. You will want to have a social media presence that looks respectable and professional. Social media tools are a must. But do not get obsessed with search engine rankings or acquiring as many followers or “friends” as possible. Do you post all day long? That actually makes it look like you are NOT working. There are best practices for using social media that are covered in the social media section of the Clean Up Now System.

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Online Advertising
Online advertising is a very confusing and dangerous world for most small business newbies. Google Adwords can separate you from your hard earned credit very quickly! These advertising agencies are complex and some would say deliberately confusing. They are a bidding hierarchy that encourages users to compete against each other for top position. It is more like trading or gambling than the advertising processes of old. They use experimental evolving algorithms that change constantly. Nothing stays the same. It can be a bit much for a cleaning service. You almost certainly need a professional to manage your search engine advertising and that is expensive. In my professional opinion, unless you are a geek at heart and would spend your evenings figuring out Adwords for the fun of it, stay clear of it the first two years in business.  it is better to spend your time and money on real-world tactics that are proven, have easy learning curves, make intuitive sense and change little from day to day.

Real World (The Analog)
Most of the focus these days in the marketing ideas peddling world is almost solely in regards to online marketing using fairly new tools such as social media and search engine rankings. But it fairs poorly to some very tried and true tactics that have been around for hundreds, possibly thousands of years. My most successful clients are not even putting the most attention on the online web space, but focus their efforts in the real world.

Any solid and sustained business is so because of reputation. A reputation is earned over time and social media is about the now. But it will not save you from the stronger currents of cultural norms.

All service type business thrives on referrals and those referrals can happen on both the analog and the digital.

Clean Up Now System

Old school tactics that are just as powerful today as ever:

  • Networking
  • Partnering
  • Volunteering
  • Joining
  • Gathering

I have helped thousands of people start and run a cleaning business and I can tell you that online marketing never secured the business on its own. They are tools and platforms that need to be integrated with the real world cultural practices that they are socially built on.

 Take for example - parties. You are at a barbeque and you Facebook a picture of the event, what are you doing? You are platforming a real interaction. You are saying look, I am having real interactions with real living and breathing people. The odd thing about that is, you would be better off focusing on those people at the party and letting them know about your business.

When in the world with real people, stay off of social media, when alone, then use social media. You want to take advantage of both worlds, but I would make the mix 70/30 favoring real-world networking tactics as listed above.

The best way to promote your cleaning business online is to show your business at work, every three days post about what you are doing and who you met. Make it real, not just marketing jargon.

Promoting your cleaning business is an art/ science, a dance between worlds and it can be fun to dance in both the real (analog) & Online (digital) world.

You can learn social media best practices in the Clean Up Now System.


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