Multiple Household Cleaning Services

household cleaning services

People who provide multiple household cleaning services can earn an excellent living. Companies that offer more than one type of cleaning service to homeowners can create more job security, as multiple service contracts with one customer helps stabilize a new or growing company. A company with the resources to perform a variety of cleaning tasks and related chores gives customers more reasons to hire them.

Seasonal or deep-cleanings, when added to a routine service, can super-size a cleaning company's earnings. For example, some services offer refrigerator, oven, or window cleaning. Related tasks, such as office organizing and estate downsizing, are valuable services to offer customers. These services may take additional knowledge and preparation, but if you have an interest in expanding your business, these avenues are worth investigating as they are perceived as natural extensions of the cleaning industry.

Organizing home or business offices calls for a variety of specific skills, depending on the type of organization needed. Physical filing cabinets may be in need of purging and updating. The same goes for electronic files, which require the service-person to have at least a basic range of knowledge of the customer's computer software systems.

Professional organizers need to be excellent communicators. They are good at seeing the big picture. Setting up elegant and efficient systems can be a daunting undertaking. Someone with the skill and ability to develop a comprehensive understanding of their customers' particular needs. For the enterprising person with a natural affinity for organizing things and ideas, the work is plentiful and the payoff can be splendid.

In what some call, “the Great American Sell-off,” Boomers have entered the phase of life where they want to sell off their stuff and move to a smaller house or apartment. They are increasingly figuring out that they can't take it with them. Estate downsizing is another service in which cleaning companies would be smart to specialize.

With some 8,000 Americans turning 65 every day, on average, and the senior population expected to double by 2050, millions are facing a massive, multifaceted purge that's turning out to be much tougher than they thought it would be.”

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Aside from offering organizing and downsizing help, plenty of other opportunities exist for cleaning companies to expand their services. Customers hosting special events such as birthday parties, baby showers, and holiday celebrations may need deep cleaning beforehand, and clean-up when the event is over. Marketing these additional offerings doesn't need to take a lot of time or money. Cleaning pros may add an “additional services” section on their website, to alert customers that are willing and available to offer these additional services. Announcing extra services in a press release, and posting it on the cleaning company website, is also an effective marketing approach.

As people in the service industries know, it feels good to be genuinely acknowledged for doing good work. It rates right up there next to a handsome paycheck. An generous dose of appreciation is not too difficult to earn. The key is to deliver reliable and dependable help, and whenever possible, go the extra mile.

There are plenty of second-rate cleaning services in the world. Customers know when they come across high quality service, because most of them have experienced the lackluster service delivered by mediocre cleaning companies. It's easy to make a cleaning business stand out from the pack when the intention is to do excellent work.

Whether specializing in additional services, or simply delivering outstanding basic cleaning assistance, the best household cleaning services figure out what sorts of services they want to deliver, and then work to develop and maintain robust systems. In this way they establish their worth, grow their client base, and earn a desirable salary.

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