Using microfiber cloth
with your cleaning company

Microfiber Towels

It is hard to imagine what it was like cleaning professionally before microfiber cloth. I started my first cleaning business in 1996 and that is when I discovered microfiber cloth. I realized I could use the all-purpose cloth for mopping floors (now they have pre-built mops for this!) I quickly started experimenting with different types of microfiber cloth from an automotive supply shop that had a variety pack of different types. I quickly determined that Micro-fiber cloth was one way to beat the competition. This was 33 years ago and Microfiber cloth was not as prominent as it now is. It still holds true that microfiber cloth is a key tool in succeeding with your cleaning company.

I used to hack a Swiffer mop with a microfiber cloth to create a damp cloth mop that I would use to polish wood floors since moving lots of water across a floor only smears dirt around and repeated long term water exposure is bad for wood floors. I had one hacked mop for wet application and one for dry buffing. I used the general purpose cloth for the wet application and the waffle weave cloth for buffing. It was fast and effective!

History of microfiber

Microfiber was first introduced in the 1950s but it was in the 60s that new manufacturing processes were developed that lead to the creation of Ultrasuede, the first successful widespread distributed microfiber product that saw increased use in the 70s. By the late 80s microfiber cloth was really catching on for a wide variety of purposes.

The cleaning products are made of 100% polyester which means they leave no lint and trap water (and dirt) much better than cotton. Their electrostatic qualities make them better for dusting too. They are much more durable and can be cleaned hundreds of times.

Types of micro-fiber cloth.


The multi-purpose cloth is great for mopping floors. I use these when I need to get a little more water on the surface (temporarily), I then follow up with a dry multi-purpose or waffle weave depending on the flooring type. You do not want to get a lot of water on a hardwood floor and leave it there, you must dry it off quickly. Learn the top cleaning techniques that the professionals use.

Waffle Weave

Used for scrubbing very dirty surfaces including spills. Microfiber waffle weave cloth are perfect for cleaning counters and kitchen appliances without leaving streaks. They are ideal for picking up spills. Give your hands a break, the waffle weave makes scrubbing much easier.


The glass weave is used for glass cleaning and metal buffing. Lint-free, streak-free results on mirrors, glass, and chrome. Use it on metal finishes such as stainless steel refrigerators and porcelain sinks. After cleaning with a damp cloth, buff with a dry micro-fiber cloth.

No need to use chemicals on glass or metal!


These cloths are best for computers, iPads, phones, devices, monitors, TVs, etc… Great for removing fingerprints from devices. Excellent for commercial office cleaning.


As a professional cleaner you will want to invest in silk microfiber cloth for certain important tasks. Microfiber silk cloths are designed to effortlessly remove fingerprints, skin oil, dust and other particles from all smooth surfaces. Best quality for professional cleaners, no scratch - great for appliances and indoor glass/ mirrors.

Pro Hint: Microfiber cloth are lint free

Lint-free cloth save you time and money. You can wash micro-fiber cloth hundreds of times and this is a huge benefit for a professional cleaning service. Microfiber towels will last 2 -3 times longer than cotton towels. No chemicals needed with the waffle weave, just soapy water. You can reinvest that money in more cloth. You cannot have enough microfiber cloth around!

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All of the above cloths can be used for detailing your car. That is how I first discovered these amazing polyester fabrics. Here is an article on detailing your car with microfiber cloth.

How to wash microfiber cloth

Caring for microfiber is pretty easy if you know how. Towels, dusters, and mops made of microfiber can last hundreds of washings if you stay away from the 2 big no-nos for microfiber:

1. No Heat in the dryer!

2. No Fabric Softeners!

Read the full article

A great investment

You should invest heavily in microfiber cloth for your cleaning company. You will need fresh cleaning cloth for each job several times per day and be able to rotate the supply as needed so you will need twice the cloth.

Custom printed cloth for business branding

You can get your cloth custom printed with your logo and slogan and even give them out as gifts! Here are some examples of branded towels.

Microfiber cloth is an important tool for any cleaning service business. It is as important as a pro-quality vacuum or reliable transportation. It is vitally important you use these quality materials and learn the best practices for using them. I have consulted with thousands of cleaning services and the tendency is to wing it when it comes to supplies and techniques. This is a dangerous way to approach your new cleaning company. You need to have plenty of high-quality microfiber cloth on hand and learn the best techniques for using it to out perform the competition.

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