Make Money Cleaning Properties

Make money cleaning properties

You can make excellent money cleaning rental properties. The prices of hiring cleaning services vary depending on the place of residence, the size of the property and the amount of cleaning required. Property owners in need of a more intensive cleaning can choose a deep cleaning. That is a good plan once or twice a year in between renters. You can make money offering both cleaning services in between short-term renters and twice a year for deep cleaning services.

A medium scale locally owned cleaning company is better equipped, generally speaking, to handle short-term jobs (because they employ more cleaning technicians) and can handle last-minute additions if your last guests were a little messier than usual or changed their schedule last minute. Proper planning correctly enables property managers to easily match professional cleaning services with the job - set prices, plan a cleaning and assign a visual checklist to ensure that new cleaning service providers know exactly what they need and is expected.

 Security with rental properties

Unlike large-scale professional cleaning services, which insist on background checks and insurance, private cleaning companies may not offer the same type of guarantee or protection. If you are going to offer cleaning services to short-term rentals, then it is best to be bonded, insured and have background checks on your service techs.


Professional cleaning companies need to be fully insured and have company policies for accidents or unforeseen events that may happen while their staff is on the property.

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Niche cleaning

In addition to the typical cleaning services, there are niche cleaning companies to consider, either as independent operators or as a partner for your primary cleaning company. You could shop out certain jobs as they arise.

Many carpet cleaning and janitorial service companies offer disaster cleaning and restoration, in case that is a service short-term rentals may need, which can be the case given their location near the ocean or near a fire, these services can be very lucrative and they provide a much needed and appreciated service. They can be a goldmine for referrals as well.

Real estate managers and cleaning services in general (as far as the short-term rental industry) often struggle to set a price for cleaning the rental during the holidays. Professional holiday cleaning services can charge you as much as $350 in some locales, while a cleaning service that works in the next town over can have a hard time charging 100 dollars. Location, location, location! If you live near a tourist attraction such as the ocean or in the mountains target those areas for cleaning rental properties.

You will likely get referrals for other holiday cleaning that has to be completed in a timely manner. It can get really busy during the Holidays! It is a boon time for referrals, make the best of it by having good systems in place for managing referrals.

Holiday Cleaning for Profit

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Add-On Services

  • You can offer laundry services to rental properties since you are already there performing cleaning tasks.

  • In addition to being paid for real estate cleaning, you can also earn extra income via cleaning foreclosure properties.

  • Window cleaning is an obvious add-on for short-term rental properties and real estate agencies.

  • Green cleaning services can be a lucrative add-on.

  • Move out/Move in cleaning services for longer term rental properties.

  • Landscaping and handyman work can be a good fit as well.

Professional organizations

There are many organizations and associations that you can seek to network with to help make the connections you need to get the rental cleaning jobs. The Chamber of Commerce and Business Networking International are a good place to start.

If you live in the right area and have enough volume of short-term rentals in your market such as on the ocean or in the mountains you can specialize in cleaning rental properties solely. But many cleaning start-ups will need to branch out into residential and small office cleaning to get enough full-time work. Diversify your offerings and you will make good money cleaning rental properties.

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