Make a cleaning business successful

Make a cleaning business successful

The number one way to make a cleaning business successful is to find a mentor with experience that can guide you as you start and run your cleaning service. Here in the USA, a common belief is that anyone can strike out and make a success of their idea. The truth is, most fail, because it is hard and risky to navigate a terrain you do not know. Best to have a guide, if success is your primary goal.

Reasons why a mentor is vital to the success of your business.

You cannot see what you cannot see.

How can you safeguard against an obstacle if you do not know that obstacle exists? You cannot possibly premeditate the future as well as you would like to believe.

A mentor has stockpiled issues that they have learned over the course of their career and they can let you know about them in advance or even as they arise. Learning by fire may work, you will learn, but you also may loose a lot of jobs and suffer from some painful loses, it could even tank your business. In other words, it is very risky.

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Costly mistakes

A cleaning company newbie may do something common place like run an advertisement in a local newspaper, seems to make sense, right? No! It is a guaranteed way to waste money. It is bad for several reasons. One thing you may not "see" about a newspaper ad is that you are not pre-qualifying your potential clients which means you will do allot of low paying jobs. Often, you will be doing one off jobs and that will be frustrating as you try grow your business.

There are much better and newer ways to spend your dollar to get cleaning clients.


No one feels confident the first time they do something and you will be do nothing but firsts as you start your cleaning service. It helps enormously to have a mentor to guide, motivate and reassure you as you make your cleaning business successful.

Make a cleaning business successful

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