Maid cleaning service
start-up basics

Maid cleaning service start up basics

You will need to know these maid cleaning service start-up basics to get your cleaning business off the ground.

In many parts of the USA, the term maid-cleaning service is not used, so be careful about using it. I do not recommend that you call your cleaning service a maid service. Since 1970, the word “maid” has fallen from favor in the English language.The word itself is only applicable to women, with no correlate for men. However, since men also choose employment as professional cleaners, so it is considered derogatory and has sexist connotations. When choosing a company name, it should be rather easy to avoid using the word.

Picking out the business name

Choosing a cleaning business name is a creative and basic step taken during the early stage of starting up. When picking out a name, there are many things to consider that may not be obvious to the startup.

First of all, giving a name to your new business is not always about creating a catchy phrase or doing wordplay. In fact, your cleaning service is not at all required to have a catchy name. An overly-creative business name can actually be a hinderance. Here are a few issues to consider:

  • Will you sell your business one day?
  • Can your business be easily searched-for online?
  • Is the name distinct and easy to remember?

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Legal structure

As you start working, you will need to decide on a legal structure for your new maid service. If you do not choose one officially, your legal structure will be Sole Proprietor. You will have to decide whether to stay with the category of Sole Proprietor, or switch to one of the corporation setups, such as S Corp, C Corp, or LLC. The fees are typically nominal to set up one of these business structures, depending on where you live.

Cleaning supplies

Believe it or not, you actually start your maid service without any of the larger and expensive equipment such as vacuum cleaners, steam cleaners, or even mops and brooms. When I started out, I used the clients' vacuum cleaner. There was always a vacuum to use, and I figured out that most people wanted you to use theirs anyway.

The trick is that their vacuum may not be a very good quality. In my case, I made a living by only serving a first-class clientele, never economy-class, so their vacuum cleaners were always better than what I would have purchased to use. However, if you are put in the position of using a lousy vacuum, that could make your job much harder. That is why many maid service professionals bring their own vacuum to their jobs. I used a collapsible Swiffer that I could fold away in my tote, as an alternative to carrying a mop, which is awkward to tote around. And Swiffers, when used with detachable microfiber cloths, are more effective floor cleaners than mops, in my opinion.

Marketing plan

One of the most vital aspects of any business is marketing. People need to know about your maid service in order for you to get any cleaning jobs. Therefore, you need systems and procedures to increase your exposure and get the word out. This includes both online and real-world marketing techniques. Social media, bookmarking, and a search-optimized website is crucial to creating a thriving business these days.

In the real world, you will need to market directly to your target customers for short-term business, and broadly for the long term. Going direct in the short term creates results and momentum. Going broad in the long term does the important job of keeping your customer pipeline filled, even if you do not immediately need the work.

If you are determined to make it work, there is no question that your maid cleaning service start-up should prove to be a stable source of satisfying income. It will exceed both your short term and your long term business goals. Build it to last, by using business fundamentals that implement the basics of cleaning service techniques. Doing so will help ensure that you are creating a company of excellence.

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