Launching your own cleaning business using the internet

Use the internet to launch your own cleaning business.

Using the internet to launch your own cleaning business is by and large a good idea but there are caveats. 

Many cleaning business start-ups make the mistake of thinking they just need a Facebook page for their new cleaning service business. You do want a Facebook business page, but only if it is integrated with an actual business website. You should not use your personal Facebook page for your business. You will want to use your cleaning business website as the hub for all of your online marketing efforts, not your Facebook page. Your business website will be your landing page for all inquiries. Your reception desk so to speak.

Social Media Integration

It is good to be on social media but don't utilize any more than 3 services. Most small businesses are on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, but it really depends on the nature of your business. I actually think Instagram is more powerful for a cleaning business than Twitter. And Alignable is better than LinkedIn as well.


One of the big drawbacks to Facebook is that people quickly leave your Facebook business page for pages of people that they know. Facebook is all about distraction. Facebook is a pandora's box of potential danger! Things can easily be taken out of context. You need to be really careful on Facebook and there are things you want to do and many many things you definitely should not do on Facebook with your business! See the Clean Up Now System for details.


Twitter does not make much sense for a cleaning service, it can help with SEO for your website IF you consistently publish content on your website, but cleaning services rarely do. Most cleaning business websites just sit there, rarely changing as far as content and they rarely have a blog for updates, most of the updates are going onto the Facebook (FB) business page. It just does not make sense to commit a lot of time and energy to Twitter for a cleaning business, it is not an online business or business that you would write about much. Your cleaning business website is more like a postcard. A postcard that you want on your marketing materials like flyers. Unless you like using Twitter personally and are already doing so, I would skip it for your cleaning service.

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Alignable is all about small local businesses networking with a recommendation engine that allows local business to promote each other, This is perfect for a cleaning service business. Combine this social media network with real-world networking for a powerful combination.


A popular photo-sharing app that many designers & artists use, but it is also popular with people that do not want to get sucked down the rabbit hole of Facebook. It is great for sharing before and after photos of your cleaning jobs, which is very useful for a cleaning service business.


A professional networking site for higher-end careers. This online web app is mostly for professionals looking for full-time jobs and documenting their professional work careers. It is great for lawyers and personal coaches but a bit clunky and off the mark for a cleaning business owner. I think Alignable makes more sense since it is about networking between small business (your ideal customer!) and not between career professionals. It cannot hurt to be on LinkedIn but if you need to choose due to time restraints, it would be my last choice.

Hierarchy of value for a cleaning service business:

1. Alignable

2. Instagram

3. Facebook

4. LinkedIn

5. Twitter


Launch your cleaning business using the internet.

Online Advertising

You can advertise your cleaning business online via Google (Adwords) and Yahoo (bing). As much as 50% of your business could come from online digital advertising, it is true with our online business. Not enough cleaning services advertise online and this is mainly because many cleaning business owners are not tech-savvy or geeky enough to brave something like Google Adwords which used to be a nightmare to use, but it has become much simpler to use as recently as 2018.

Digital Newsletter

once your business is launched online, you will want to set up a newsletter to keep interested parties in touch with your services. Many think, why bother, I have a Facebook page. Big mistake, Facebook is not used via email and is usually used on a phone. Many older people only use email! And email shows up on their phone where Facebook and Twitter may not.

Push Notifications

Sms text messaging and browser device push notifications are the future of marketing for many businesses... I am just not sure a cleaning service is one of them. First off, at this time, they are expensive. Many people outright hate text spam and even when they do agree to receive text messages they often forget about that and assume they did not! This technology (as far so of this writing in 2018) makes much more sense for an online business or high-end professional services such as Real Estate brokers and Car Dealerships, big ticket items for sale... BUT it will change and push notifications may have a place in your arsenal down the road. Stay tuned!

Real World Integration

The internet is not a substitute for real-world marketing. You are a real-world service professional, the cleaning will take place in the real world. Online marketing is powerful, but not all-powerful and you will want to put as much if not more effort into your real-world marketing to launch your cleaning service.

Learn best practices and how to integrate all of your online digital services with the Clean Up Now System.

Since 2007 we have built over 400 websites & SEO integrations for our professional cleaning business clients. That is a lot of websites. We have taught hundreds of people just like you how to use the internet to launch your own cleaning business. After all, how did you find us?

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