Launch a cleaning business in 5 steps!

Launch a cleaning service business in 5 steps

Step #1 - Research your business name

You can’t launch your cleaning business until you’ve named it, right?

Naming a business is fun. Some say it’s the best part of self-employment.Learn about cleaning business names

I think of it as a perk — a chance to get creative and use your sense of humor.

Like naming a child or a pet, the name will stick for life. Soon your business name will become synonymous with your business. So take your time to choose with care.

A gardening service here in the Southeast goes by the name “The Dirty Hoe,” which makes some of us laugh.

But some of our neighbors don’t think it’s funny.

Humor is funny.

Come to think of it, I haven’t seen that truck around here for a year.

So unless it is genuinely funny, don’t risk it.

Launch your cleaning business with a clever or catchy name. It doesn’t have to be totally PC. Just make sure it doesn’t rub anybody the wrong way.

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How to choose a business name

Quickly brainstorm a list of the names you’re thinking about. Get at least 15 names on the page.

The more the merrier! The longer the list, the more to choose from.

Use rhyming words, wordplay, and puns, because you want a name that’s easy for people to remember.

That way they can easily find you online. I’ll say more about that further on in this article.

The key is to choose a name that will STICK.

A couple of my favorites are Married to the Mop, and Hygiene Machine.

You can also create a slogan to go with the name. Make it something people will notice and remember. It’s okay to make them laugh with unoffensive puns.

Humor — when genuinely funny — is golden because it’s unforgettable. And it makes people smile.

Smiling is good.

A plumbing company in San Diego displays this bold slogan on the side of their van:

Your Number 2 has made us Number 1 in Plumbing!

Everyone appreciates wit…and funny poop jokes.

The added bonus is of course that a unique or funny name may go viral and launch your cleaning business even faster.

Tips for a fabulous business name:

Search to see if your business name and domain is available.

Chicago’s Best Cleaning Service may not be up for grabs. But TJ’s Cleaning Service may be.

Using your first name, last name, or initials is normal and acceptable. As long as it makes for a business name that sticks and is easy to say.

Ask yourself:

Is it memorable?

Is it descriptive

Is it relevant?

Does it make a positive impression?

Remember, your business name reflects you and your style. So, it needs to be relevant to the type of service you offer — green, house cleaning, office, restaurant, commercial, carpet, window, whatever your specialty is.

Fortunately, no law dictates that your business name must be witty. So if you aren’t a natural cut-up, no worries. Descriptive, memorable, and concise will do just fine.

Before you commit to a business name, think about all the places it will be used. Ask yourself —

Is it a good fit online?

Is the domain available?

How does it sound?

Is it easy to pronounce?

Is it relevant to your service?

Finally, double-check that your business name is not accidentally offensive.

That’s right. Because poop jokes are (mostly) funny, but sexism, racism, or any other type of -ism is not.

Cleaning business legal structure

#2 - Choose your legal structure

Starting a cleaning service means choosing a legal structure for tax purposes.

Because ain’t nobody going to do that for you. And that is the beauty of self-employment.

So what IS the best way to structure your business legally?

Must I choose a legal structure before launching my business?”

Here’s the short answer to the last question: No. You don’t.

Listen up. If you plan to launch and run a cleaning business as a sole proprietor, you do not need to claim any special tax structure.

Because automatically, your business will be structured as one.

As a sole proprietor, clients pay you directly. You assume all the responsibility and all the gains.

Customers swipe a card or write a check payable to your name. Profits and losses are included on your tax return. Business liabilities also flow through to you, as the owner.

It’s easy to remember. Just know this:

Unless you incorporate, you will be considered a sole proprietor.

For detailed information on structuring your cleaning business legally from the startup, see the Clean Up Now business system on our website.

Where we promise to give the whole scoop and nothing but the scoop.

Start a cleaning business of your own!

cleaning service business system

#3 - Define your systems

Systems are exciting.

What, don’t believe me?

Systems do not simply make a business work. The right systems can make your business succeed beyond your expectations.

Define your systems, and watch your business launch without a hitch. Your business will be sitting on a rocket to success.

Starting a cleaning business, you will be considering a lot of different things upfront. Among them:

How do you find clients?

Where should you market your service?

What’s the fastest, best way to market your cleaning service?

How to give a bid?

Solo or crew? Do you want to work alone or hire a helper?

And finally, the one where most startups fail…and that is:

how much should I charge?”

So the question is, after you launch your business, how do you keep your business profitable? How do you grow your business?

The answer?


We’re big fans of smart, efficient systems because we use them and they work. That’s why. And our business has thrived and succeeded far beyond our initial business goals.

Systems have taken the drudgery out of our business. Does that sound odd?

Some people think of systems as boring. Nothing could be farther from the truth!

Systems are the key to a successful launch, and the key to smooth sailing.

A well designed system can take the drudgery out of your launch. And with good systems in place you will be in a position to upscale your cleaning service however you wish.

But what if you like to design your own systems?

Hey, you’re in luck. We love you DIY types because we’re kindred spirits. That is why…

Self starters are welcome!

If you are a self motivator, look into a self-guided business system.

You can start small and scale your business up as you go.

A self-guided system will also work if you have capital to invest.

How does a self-guided business system work?

A self-guided system breaks down the steps to success. Each step leads you to the

So what’s so good about systems?


You can try to launch a cleaning business without any systems, and there you will probably fail. Because it will only be a matter of time before your service takes a nosedive.

On the other hand, good systems will make your business flourish!!

#4 Craft a marketing strategy

Gone are the days of running off to Kinko’s to print off a few hundred flyers. I don’t miss it, do you?

Digital marketing has simplified everything. Yay!

Yet at the same time digital has made everything more complex. What does that mean for you? It means you get to launch your business faster than ever.

That’s good, right?

Yes it is. If you know how. You need to know how to ~

quickly market your cleaning service for optimal results

create a marketing plan to get the customers YOU want

use social media (to attract customers in ways that might surprise you)

integrate your professional website to make your cleaning service run efficiently

What’s the perfect marketing strategy for your business? The one that works for YOU.

Any business plan worth its salt must meet 3 criteria. It must —

be practical

2) reflect your USP

3) be flexible

Practicality means it is feasible. Your USP is your unique selling points—the service you provide. Flexibility is your ability to go with the flow. When something isn’t working, try something else until you get the result you want.

Every business goes through steps. Think of the most successful business you know of. It didn’t start that way! Someone put in the hours and effort to build it.

You can do it. You can launch a profitable and satisfying business by taking the steps outlined above.

#5 Launch your cleaning business

The problem is…

All the above steps will take you where you want to go. But the problem is that unless you take action, it’s all just mumbo jumbo.

Here lies the key to launching a great cleaning service:

Take action!

Here’s a puzzle:

Nothing motivates like getting results. But to get results, you must be motivated to take action.

So don't hesitate. Make it happen! Take action now, by following the steps outlined here.

Who’s going to light your fuse?


Who's going to benefit from taking action now?


Only you can be satisfied that you’ve covered all the bases.

Only you can put this rocket into orbit.

Take the first step. Get feedback about your company name. The positive comments will buoy you up. Support for your action will be easy to find…

Once you take that first step.

Want to make it easier to start your service?

Look for a start up system that makes it easy to take action.

Step by step instructions and a friendly consultant can pave your way to success in the cleaning industry.

If you are considering a franchise, think long and hard. Franchises are expensive and promise you the moon—then often don’t deliver.

Choose a sensible approach to launching a cleaning service, such as a self-starter business system.

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