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Non-Toxic Tricks

3 Dishwashing Formulas
For each of the following recipes, fill a 22 oz. plastic bottle with castile soap diluted with water. Add the essential oils. Shake the bottle before each use. Use as you normally would use dishwashing detergent, except that you need less than usual, one tablespoon per sink-full. For heavy grease add 1/2 cup of vinegar to the sink and for baked-on foods, soak with hot water and baking soda.

Formula 1
Liquid castile soap
15 drops lemon essential oil
10 drops lavender essential oil

Formula 2
Liquid castile soap
10 drops lavender essential oil
8 drops rosemary essential oil
4 drops grape fruit seed extract

Formula 3
Liquid castile soap
10 drops orange essential oil
5 drops grape fruit seed extract
5 drops tea tree oil

Lime and mineral deposits
For lime and mineral deposits on the kitchen sink faucet, soak a paper towel in vinegar, wrap it around the faucet for one hour. The vinegar breaks down the mineral scale, you can now wipe it off and polish the chrome.

Pans with baked-on food
In the pan, put a little dish detergent into an inch of water and bring to a boil, then scrub off the baked-on food, it should come off easily.

Heavy grease
Add 1/2 cup of vinegar to your sink-full of water to help to cut grease.

Automatic dishwasher detergent
Unfortunately, we have not discovered a homemade mixture that works very well for this appliance, but the good news is that there are products available that work great that are

Dishwasher film
Run a cup of vinegar through the entire wash cycle in an empty dishwasher to remove all soap scum.

Oven stains
Wipe up spills right away, because they will get harder to clean as they bake on over time. In the oven put down a piece of aluminum foil to catch spills. To clean up baked-on spills, just put some of your favorite essential oil or tea tree oil, which is particularly good on stains and it will wipe up right away.

More kitchen cleaning tips

Fresh grease spills
Put salt or baking soda on the fresh spill and let sit a bit and wipe right up.

Sanitize cutting boards
1- wipe board with the pulp side of a half an orange or grapefruit.
2- soak board in a solution of water and 5 drops grape fruit seed extract, wash with vinegar and water and dry.

Electric can openers
Use essential oil on a toothbrush and spot clean, put a paper towel soaked in vinegar on top of the can and run it through the opener, then spot clean with a toothbrush.

Garbage disposal smells
Toss in lemon, grapefruit or orange remains when available.

Stained plastic containers
Plastic storage containers stain easily, especially if microwaved often. We all know the familiar sight of tomato sauce stains on plastic Tupperware. To clean, soak these containers in a strong herbal infusion of essential oil and a tablespoon of baking soda. Try this remedy on your rubber spatula too!

First, soak containers in tea tree oil and baking soda, then soak in water and grape fruit seed extract. After soaking for an hour, scrub containers with some dry baking soda. The stain may not completely disappear, but not to worry, the important thing is it's clean. Plastic stains in the true sense of the word.

Eliminating smells from plastic containers
Crumple up a newspaper and stuff it in the plastic container, close tightly and let sit overnight.

Remove lime from kettle
Boil 1/2 cup vinegar and water in the kettle and rinse.

Clean phones
Use rubbing alcohol on a cloth.

Cloudy glass
If cloudy glass will not decloud, lay potato peelings on the cloudy spots and leave overnight, then clean.

Cleaning oily bottles
Fill the bottle with a little ash and place in a pan of cold water, slowly heat the bottle in the pan, simmer for 20 minutes and let cool. Rinse with vinegar water. Or try this for a really amazing cleaner: 5 or 6 drops of tea tree oil mixed with a little vinegar and hot water. Swish, and watch the oil coagulate into little balls. Rinse once or twice -- viola!

Lingering kitchen smells
Put an essential oil of your choice on the grill of the stove fan and run fan as needed.

Barbecue grills
Blend bicarbonate of soda (baking soda) and vinegar, brush over grill and leave till next BBQ session, then rinse and use.

Cleaning woks
Never scrub a wok, you will ruin it. Woks have tiny grooves designed to trap oil so the food won't stick and to prime the metal. Wipe wok with damp cloth and reapply oil after each use.

Microwave odors
That's right, you guessed it, an essential oil of your liking. Rub right onto the inside walls.

Black scuff marks
Try a pencil eraser! Or, apply 2 to 4 drops of essential oil (tea tree oil is a good choice) right on the mark.

We hope these kitchen cleaning tips have been helpful.

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