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Real World marketing

Two types of marketing processes play different, yet equally important roles in the janitorial business. Distinguish between targeted and diffused processes and design an effective marketing plan and advertising approach. Targeted processes are designed to get an immediate response, while diffused processes have a greater impact over a longer time period. Of course, there is a crossover effect for both.

Targeting means going directly to the source and landing the job. Diffused, on the other hand, means broadcasting your brand throughout various networks that blanket the community with a branding message.

Ideally, both a focused and broad approach are undertaken for maximum effect. However, during the start-up phase your business will launch into operational mode much more quickly if you focus on targeted marketing.

Media promotions (diffused)

The standard, typical way to announce a new cleaning company is to issue a press release. For this purpose, a press release, which is written in a specific format, is distributed to alert journalists and various media outlets about a new business service. In the past, newspapers were more likely to pick up press releases and publish them, or use them as a basis for a more in-depth feature story. Nowadays, press releases are also picked up by online media services, and even search engines.

Pros and cons of a press release

A press release, also called a news release, announces your new service to the world, or to specific communities of your choosing. When professionally done, it can efficiently send out the message and set the tone for any consequent marketing campaigns. Historically, news releases have played a key role in journalism and advertising.

However, due to the recent proliferation of social media and the number of ways to get the message out, news releases have fallen a bit from fashion, as far as the Internet is concerned. In addition, having a news release written and sending it out can be expensive.

The Press Release and the Internet

Press release services have attempted to integrate the press release into the online system, but it is an awkward fit. However, a press release is still quite useful for establishing links in to your cleaning business website, especially because it is a service-oriented business, and you do not spend your working day online.

Bear in mind, the style of writing must contain “just the facts.” And, there must be a news angle, which is why a press release is a perfect fit to announce a new business or service. Make the most out of it by adhering to press release rules, which are good basic journalism rules also: tell the who, what, why, when, where, and how of your message. Make certain your press release is authentic and excellently written, and do not send out a press release just to get links.

Direct marketing (targeted)

  • Direct promotions
  • Cold-calling
  • Snail-mailings
  • Emailings
  • Walk-ins

When starting out with your cleaning service, direct marketing is the most effective.

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Internet marketing

Diffused vs. targeted?

The Internet is all about relevancy so in a sense it is all targeted. It does not make much sense to be broadcasting about your cleaning business in a forum or on a social site about video games. Few people on the internet are going physically live in your area either. So make sure you are on websites where you can network locally.

Social networks

Social networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn are not as effective as one might assume at converting a visitor into a customer. Doing so is rather a tall order, actually. LinkedIn works better because the focus is on professional or business connections, but only if the majority of your connections are in your town and include owners of actual physical businesses (such as restaurants, clothing store, office buildings, manufacturing facilities), and not mostly freelancers or professionals.

Facebook is about entertainment! Period. Don't fool yourself that people are doing business there. Seriously. When have you ever successfully focused on a business goal while perusing your friends' posts on Facebook? It is good to have a Facebook page for many other reasons. But that is not what this article is about. We have several useful articles about why and how to use Facebook for your cleaning service business.


Bing, Yahoo, Facebook and Google all have pay-per-click ad networks that you can use for advertising your business in your area. One of the big advantages with PPC is that it can be super-targeted by location, age, time of day, keywords, negative keywords, and so forth. On the downside, PPC can be very costly if you do not know how to use it correctly. It is rather complicated. Many people, even veteran marketers, pay a lot more than is necessary for their PPC campaigns.

Self publishing

Publishing your own content on your business blog, or over Twitter, provides avenues to get the word out for free. For all practical purposes this is too slow and time consuming for a small cleaning service. You are much better off using targeted real-world techniques.

In conclusion, you need to employ both long-term, diffused, as well as short-term, targeted tactics. Start out by going directly to the source and targeting the exact jobs you want. Then, as your janitorial service gets more firmly established, switch into more diffused and long-term marketing strategies.

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