Increasing Cleaning Service Profits

Increasing Cleaning Service Profits

6 things to consider when trying to increase cleaning service profits.

We all want to make our cleaning business more profitable, who does not want to make more money? We tend to fixate on getting paid more per job and / or increasing the number of jobs we do, but there are other less obvious ways to increase your cleaning service profits.

Reduce the cost of doing business.

  • Go Paperless
  • Switch to electronic forms
  • Upgrade your software
  • Use IOS / Android Apps to increase productivity
  • Automate payments online

Increasing efficiencies in your business systems can make a noticeable difference. Not only will you save money but you will increase the amount of time you spend actually networking and working which will also increase your profit.

Optimize your conversions.

Maybe you need to look into how well you are converting your leads. This can be an easy area to increase profits by making sure you are doing everything you can to convert that lead into a paying customer.

Communicate with your clients.

As service professionals we often do not do enough in the way of customer satisfaction, in fact, service pros are so bad at this that there are whole online businesses whose job it is to protect the consumer from a bad service professional. Do not resent your clients, appreciate them and show them that you do. You may be a great cleaner and a great person and everything is fine, but do you tell your clients how much you value them? Replacing clients is expensive and hurts your bottom-line. Keep your existing clients for as long as you can, that is profitable!

Bundle services

If you are pitching a potential client on home cleaning why not offer window cleaning too at a small discount. Get 15% off of window cleaning when you add it to house cleaning. By bundling services at a discount, you make more money per lead and do not have to have as many leads.

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Ask your employees & vendors

Find out what your cleaning crews overhear or what feedback they are getting. What value added service could you offer to increase your profits?

Talk to your vendors and find out what the latest trends are. Green Cleaning? Aromatherapy? Adding in organizing services.

Upgrade your cleaning equipment

Get the latest high tech light weight vacuum you can. By reducing stress on your body, you can clean faster and be less tired which means you (or your crews) can work more. It will improve the quality of the work day and job satisfaction immensely. If I would of had the light weight powerful vacs that are available today, I would of done twice as many jobs and enjoyed it more.

Challenge yourself to find other areas of your cleaning business that you can streamline or make more efficient. You do not always have to think in terms of more jobs and higher rates to increase your cleaning service profits.


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